Effects of Tobacco Usage for Diabetes & Asthma


Tobacco has been seen to cause an array of bad effects on our health. It triggers various diseases and may also result in death, in some cases, by affecting several important body organs. Some of the common threats due to tobacco consumption are cancer, chronic respiratory diseases, diabetes cardiovascular disease and psychological disorders.

Tobacco is linked with various forms of cancer, especially cancer of the lung, pancreas, kidney, gastrointestinal tract, oral cavity, etc. Tobacco use also can affect your heart and blood vessels. Your blood pressure surges immediately after your chew tobacco. Though this surge is temporary,
the chemicals contained in tobacco are capable of damaging the walls of your arteries making them narrow. Your compromised arteries hamper the smooth flow of blood in and results in the blood pressure rising up. Passive smoking is another significant cause behind increase in your risk for heart disease and other ailments.


Insulin, the hormone that regulates your blood sugar and prevents diabetes, can also be affected by tobacco. Tobacco may cause insulin resistance in your body resulting in high levels of sugar in your blood, and resulting in diabetes. Problems of the kidney, heart and blood vessels may also be caused in extreme cases.

Patients suffering from asthma must specially refrain from smoking. It causes severe damage to the lungs of such people. Smoke inhaled from cigarettes and the sorts causes irritation of the airways resulting in swelling, narrowing and lining of the passages with thick sticky mucous. This condition is same as what happens when a case of asthma gets aggravated. This is why smoking can often cause a flare-up of asthma.

Smoking can cause a number of other complications apart from the ones mentioned above. Impotency, social/behavioral issues, disruption of cognitive functions, kidney damage, stress and many oral diseases are also linked to the consumption of tobacco.

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