6 effective exercises to keep diabetes away


Exercises are one of the best ways to keep your blood sugar levels in check. Aerobic activities increase the secretion and action of insulin, thus keeping a tab on diabetes. Exercises also help one to manage weight and regain balance, two elements that are drastically compromised on among patients of Type 2 diabetes. In fact, patients above the age of 40 should include balance training as a part of their exercise regimen. Balancing exercises might range from the simpler ones such as trying to balance oneself on one leg to the more complex ones such as Tai-Chi. Lower body strengthening and core exercises are also included under these.

Listed below are 6 super effective exercises that can be greatly beneficial for individuals suffering from Type 2 Diabetes. However, it’s always recommended to consult your doctor before starting any of them and to take things slowly at the beginning. Over time, under supervision and with due medical suggestions, you can surely work on their intensity and length.

1. Walking

Sadly, there isn’t much excuse that you can make up for this one. Walking is probably one of the simplest, yet super effective exercises to keep elevated blood sugar levels in check; all you possibly require are a good pair of walking shoes and natural terrain to walk on. Brisk waking at a pace that steps up your heart rate is a classical aerobic exercise that is highly recommended for patients of Type 2 diabetes. Aim for a total of about 150 minutes of brisk walking every week.

2. Tai-Chi

A great offering of the Chinese, Tai-Chi involves performing slow and relaxed bodily movements spanning over half an hour or slightly more. The reason why it’s highly recommended for sufferers of type 2 diabetes is because they offer balanced body movements coupled with reduced stress levels. Another finding states that Tai-Chi prevents damage caused to the nerves, one of the major complications brought on by diabetes.

exercises-for-diabetes3. Weight Training

Weight training benefits everyone with increased muscle mass and better muscle tone. Among patients of Type 2 diabetes, a loss of muscle mass and tone implies a hard time keeping blood sugar levels in check. A proper diabetes management plan should include resistance and weight training exercises spanning over at least 2-3 days in a week. Each session of weight lifting should focus on the body’s different muscle clusters for the best results.

4. Yoga

Yoga can be the serve all panacea for patients with Type 2 diabetes. It reduces body weight, improves the secretion and action of insulin and betters nerve functioning- all of which are vital cogs in maintaining blood sugar levels within the healthy and recommended range. Most importantly, yoga followed by 5 minutes of meditation reduces piling stress levels, thus reducing blood glucose levels all the more.

5. Swimming

swimmingSwimming is one of the ideal aerobic exercises that doesn’t even exert the slightest of pressure on the joints, rather improves joint functioning because of the buoyant force created by water. As compared to other kinds of aerobic activities such as running and walking, swimming also puts lesser stress on the feet. One of the complications of diabetes is reduced to no sensation in the feet because of the hampered flow of blood to the extremities. In people suffering from diabetes, foot injuries, cuts or even blisters can take a longer time to heal, thus making one prone to further infections. For this very reason, shoes specially designed for swimming can prevent scraping and other injuries of the feet.

6. Stationary Cycling

This is one of the best ways to improve pulmonary as well as heart functioning. Especially among people diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes. Cycling also improves blood circulation to the feet while keeping weight within the recommended limit.

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