Fitness guide for Healthy Eyes


In today’s age, we’re constantly exposed to screens-computer screens, smartphone, TVs. Even newspapers & books are getting replaced by electronic reading devices. Add to this, poor lighting conditions & not enough blinking & you have enough reason to worry about the strain caused to your eyes daily. Your eyes are also muscles and without a regular eye workout they too become sore when held in one position for too long.

A growing number of office workers have started suffering from fatigued & overworked eyes which can lead to severe complications like glaucoma & red eyes in some cases and decreased productivity, headaches & work errors in most cases.

Eliminating or even reducing the exposure to screens is not practically possible, but you can definitely reduce the stress on your eyes by incorporating a simple eye workout in your work routine. These eye exercises not only help in relaxing your eyes, but also helps you safeguard your vision in the long run.

Watch this video for the eye workout routine:

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