Fitness secrets of Roger Federer to stay at the Top of your game (quite literally)


Secret inroads to a Hollywood movie star’s fitness and diet regime usually score over that of a sportstar’s. But as the 140th edition of the most prestigious tennis tournament, Wimbledon that is, is underway, let’s take a detour from the usual movie star’s daily regimen and have a look at probably the greatest ever to have graced the tennis courts, Roger Federer.

You cannot deny the greatness of this man; 18 Grand Slam titles, 26 Grand Slam finals (10 out of which were in succession) and a record stay at the pole position for 302 weeks (that’s a mammoth 6 long years!), put this man in a league of his own. While age is certainly catching up, only a fool would deny his contribution to the game and how beautiful and ridiculously simple he made the sport look like. While there were other players huffing and puffing around the court for some breath and few scattered winners, Roger was a picture of serenity.

Roger FedererHe is poetry in motion. He had (and still has, that’s one thing age cannot take away from him) the elegance of a swan and the lethality of a black widow (never mind the amateurish analogy). Just like Sachin Tendulkar has transcended the cricketing boundaries, Roger Federer, with very good reason, has cut across the confines of the game, establishing himself as one of the most (if not The Most) popular sporting icons across the seven continents.

What makes you think made Roger the man he is today? Haven’t you every thought of how could he possibly go on playing those wearying 5 setters when faced with his arch rivals at the other end of the court? Believe us when we say, that all of it, whatever it is for him right now, the fame, the accolades, the envious yet often unassailable records wouldn’t have been true had it not been for his wholesome diet and a consistent fitness schedule. And surely, the caliber and wizardry not many can hope to achieve.

This section is what we’d like to call the FFF. That’s the FedEx Fitness Formula. Read on to know what is it the man does that keeps him so uncharacteristically fit for his age:

Like other tennis players, Federer’s regime is centered on exercises that improve his footwork and strengthen the core. The core muscles are the muscle clusters that reveal their prominence more than any other muscle in your body. And so, it is absolutely imperative to take good care of the core (obviously along with every other part of the body) because ‘that’s where it all starts from’, as Roger Federer had once said. Listed below are a few common exercises that occupy a major chunk of this super human’s fitness regimen:

1. Lunges (lateral) with twists

This exercise benefits your torso and works on full body rotation.

How does Federer do it?

Holding a pair of barbells over the back, Federer lunges out his left leg first, at an approximate angle of 45 degrees and after lowering the leg, twists forward the left part of his torso. He then proceeds to do the same with the other leg.

2. Toss with a Medicine Ball

While helping your core muscles, this exercise also augurs well for the agility of your upper body along with being a serious addition to power up your fitness program.

Know how Federer does it

Usually, Roger does medicine ball toss along the sides as he keeps on shuffling between ends.

3. The Skip-Rope Jump Workout

This is one exercise that has almost been popularized by Federer among the international roster of tennis players.

Do it like Federer

Step 1: Skipping for one minute

Step 2: Holding the plank position for half a minute

Step 3: Skipping for another minute

Step 4: Holding the ‘sideways plank’ for ½ a minute

Step 5: Skipping one whole minute for the 3rd time

Step 6: One minute push-ups

Step 7: 60 seconds of skipping

Step 8: Push-ups that only involve lowering of the shoulders for one minute

Step 9: Skipping for a minute

Step 10: Leg raises, taking one leg at a time

Step 11: Skipping for 60 seconds again

Step 12: Forward lunges

Step 13: Skipping for 60 seconds

Step 14: 60 seconds rope jump

Step 15: Back to the push-up posture, alternate between raising the two legs as high as you can go

Step 16: Skipping for 60 seconds

Step 17: End it with crunches, doing them for a minute

Now, cut to Roger Federer’s wholesome diet; know what he eats and how he eats in order to stay in top physical shape, even during his career’s twilight years.

The FedEx Diet

Fiber DietSo that was the grind the man puts himself through every single day. There is also the strict diet that he has to follow; a wholesome nutritious diet that’s packed with the goodness of fibers and meals that are spaced out evenly. Right before stepping onto the court, Roger indulges in a meal that’s high on the carb meter and poor in fat and fiber content in order to give his body the fuel it needs to perform like a beast on the turf. This can mean something similar to a breakfast that includes cereals combined with skimmed milk or banana and apple pancakes, for that matter. You could also make yourself whole pasta or top your rice with tomatoes. Also, lean protein is a constant feature of his diet that helps to repair and regrow the body’s muscle tissues.

Oh! We almost forgot there. 10 hours of sleep are a necessity for Roger because that gives his body ample time to regroup and prepare for the next day that is generally as grueling as the previous.

Guess those long snooze hours are a little difficult to get these days, considering the lovely twins Federer and Mirka are blessed with.

There is something to understand here. Greatness isn’t exactly a stroke of chance or luck; greatness is something you have got to be at, it’s a place where you will gradually arrive. And for that, honest and hard work should be on the speed dial of your phone. There’s no way around it. Take it from the man. This is Roger Federer.

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