Get Thinner Thighs – 5 Exercises to Target Your Stubborn Cellulite


Have a pear-shaped body? Are those skinny pants calling out your name? Losing body weight is a tedious process, and losing thigh fat is like next to impossible. True? Isn’t it? But it can be possible only when you follow a balanced combination of diet with the right form of exercises.

Must try these simple exercises to shape your glutes and reduce thigh fats/cellulites:

  1. Squats

It’s a perfect staple and makes your body look amazing. There are different kinds of squats, you need to choose anyone of them or just start off with the basic one. Try with the exercise ball, place the ball against the wall and gently lower your back pressing it against the ball. The ball will increase the intensity of squat. Repeat the process at least 5 times every day.


  1. Single-leg circles

This is a great toning workout to tone your thighs. Just lie down with both the palms facing down. Slowly lift up one foot towards the ceiling with your hip, now rotate your leg clockwise 5 times and counter- clockwise. Repeat the same at least 4-5 times.

  1. Brisk Walk

Walk as much as you can and when you can. It is very important to give work to your entire body rather than concentrating on just one part. Walking can burn up to 100-400 calories depending on the pace of your walk. So, start walking instead of using your bike to reach out to a nearby store.

  1. Lunges

They are great to tone your thighs, you just need do it the right way and never overdo it as they can result in increasing thigh fat. You can use dumbbells and begin with the basics.


  1. Kick up the Cardio

Burning calories is the only way to reduce overall fat in your body. And heart-pumping cardio will help you reduce. Go for the one that burns lot of calories like jumping rope, running, biking, etc. Do this 60 minutes five times a week and you will notice the difference.

You cannot slim down by exercise alone. With all these exercises, you need to plan your meal, do not skip the first meal of the day, opt for a combo of carbohydrates, protein filled meal. Eat more vegetables than junk food, swap fried and unhealthy food with healthy foodstuff that helps you maintain an ideal body weight. Drink more water if you want to reduce stubborn fat as there will be less room for food and result in maintain body fat.

Also, you need to be patient and more focused while doing exercises. You cannot achieve skinny thighs in just one day. Be regular on your exercise routine and see the difference in you.

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