Habits you should Change to Avoid Hair Fall


Hair fall affects both men and women of all ages. This may be due to the way they handle their hair or a deeper issue related to the liver or other organs. Most people have certain habits that may be leading to hair fall. As such, it is very important to determine the underlying cause for hair fall.

Here is a look at some of the habits that you should quit if you want to avoid hair fall.

Habits you should change to Avoid Hair Fall

1. Avoid using Cosmetic Products:

While taking care of your hair is important, using too many artificial products may end up damaging them. This is because the chemical content in these products are usually damaging for your hair in the long run. Instead of using these cosmetic products, try to use natural remedies on your hair. These remedies will help maintain the natural condition of the hair.

2. Using Blow Dryer:

Blow dryers have become very common these days. Blow dryers are quite handy when you are in hurry and want to dry off your hair immediately. However, excessive usage of blow dryers may be causing damage to your hair. This is because the heat from the blow dryer is not good for the hair. Do not use blow dryer frequently and only go for it if you really need it.

3. Hair Styles:

Hairstyles are great, but they should not damage the hair. Most styles require you to trim your hair in a certain way. However, certain styles in vogue may require you to tie your hair back quite tightly. While that may look nice, doing so could leave your hair damaged. Try to go for a style that does not restrict the proper growth or movement of the hair.

4. Crash Dieting:

Crash dieting does not help you get back in shape in the long run. It is a method through which, you can lose excess fat only to get it back once the dieting is complete. The same crash dieting can be disastrous for your hair. This is because when you follow such a diet, you may end up avoiding nutritious foods that are essential for the proper maintenance of your hair. It is best to consult a nutritionist before going on a diet.

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5. Smoking:

Smoking is a habit that is considered to be quite damaging for your overall health. There are no benefits to smoking and all medical professionals will advise you to completely give up on it. Smoking causes a lot of damage to your hair as well. A research conducted in 2010 indicated that smoking can damage the DNA of the hair follicles and prompt improper growth of the same.

Quit smoking immediately if you want to maintain proper hair growth and avoid hair fall in the future.

6. Drinking Alcohol:

Excessive alcohol intake can be another reason behind hair fall. Drinking too much alcohol leads to liver damage, which in turn affects the hair production and pigmentation. So, try to stay away from drinking if you really want to avoid hair fall.

7. Stress:

Stress is one of the leading causes of hair fall. If you are always stressed out due to work or other aspects of life, you can expect to suffer from health problems in the future. Try practicing yoga or other breathing exercises every day to stay away from stressful situations. Remember that stressing out does not solve any issue, but leads to emotional and physical issues.

8. Unhealthy Diet:

Zinc, iron and vitamins are essential for the proper growth and maintenance of your hair. However, many people do not partake a healthy diet that nourishes them with sufficient quantities of the minerals and vitamins. This is why a balanced diet is vital if you want to avoid hair fall and any other hair related issues.

9. Medications:

Some medications or treatment can cause hair fall as a side effect. For instance, chemotherapy often leads to the patient losing hair. However, a patient cannot seek alternate forms of treatment in such cases and the lost hair usually re-grows once the treatment course is completed. However, medications related to less severe diseases can be changed if hair fall is noticed after ingesting them.

It is best to consult a physician and read the label of the medicine in order to get a better idea regarding the side effects from the same.

10. Handling Wet Hair:   

Forceful handling of wet hair can cause breakage or splitting of the hair follicles. Most people dry their hair by rubbing them off vigorously. This is damaging for the hair as well. Instead, use the towel to soak the moisture from the hair, instead of rubbing it off. Similarly, do not comb or brush your hair just after taking a shower. You can use the brush before your hair gets wet, in order to get the best result.

11. Birth Control Pills:

Birth control pills are known to have several side effects. Hair fall is one of primary effects of these pills. Most of these pills contain high levels of androgen, which can cause hair fall for androgen-sensitive people. If you have to be on the pill, try to take a low-androgen containing medication instead of the one you are on currently. A simple genetic test can reveal if you are sensitive to Androgen.

12. Sun Exposure:

The UV rays of the sun are pretty harmful for the skin. The same is also true for the hair. This is why it is best to limit or completely avoid sun exposure on your hair. A good way to go about it is to wear a hat or cap when you step out in the sun. Specialized hats are available in the market with UV protection, which can help limit the damage from the sun’s rays. You can also try out a leave-in conditioner.

If you want to maintain the overall condition of your hair, you need to care for the same regularly. Make sure you avoid the above mentioned habits and lead a healthy life, in case you want strong hair.

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