Health Benefits of Virgin Coconut Oil


Virgin Coconut oil is the most wondrous potion to magically transform health to attain total bliss. Over generations, it has been in use for its enhanced flavor and miraculous health benefits. The way the Virgin coconut oil (VCO) is processed makes it different from commercial coconut oil. Virgin coconut oil production does not subject the oil to refining process since the oil produced is already edible. Virgin coconut oil consisting of medium chain fatty acids is strikingly different from animal fats as they are made up of long chain saturated fatty acids.

Virgin Coconut Oil

Interesting Revelations about Virgin Coconut Oil

Most of the propaganda against saturated fats and coconut oil is based on myths and half-baked truths. Yes, Coconut oil is a saturated fat, but with a difference. Read on to know what’s in store…

The Nectar of Goodness

Virgin Coconut oil is touted as a natural “super-food” as it is good for the heart, helps in proper functioning of the thyroid gland and endocrine systems and increase the metabolic rate of the body. Thus, it helps in getting rid of those extra pounds.

Virgin Coconut Oil: The Mother of all Oils

Virgin coconut oil is the purest form of coconut oil and is water white in color. It is derived from kernel of fresh coconut without employing any chemical process. Virgin coconut oil can be attributed as the mother of all oils as it is a treasure trove of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that imparts good health. Here are enlisted various impressive health benefits of virgin coconut oil:

1. Potent Medicinal Properties

Virgin coconut oil is known for its therapeutic uses such as antimicrobial agent and for the treatment of Alzheimer’s disease.

Antimicrobial Properties

  • Lauric Acid and Vitamin E present in virgin coconut oil can destroy harmful microbes due to its powerful antimicrobial, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties.
  • Lauric Acid is also called as Medium Chained Fatty Acid (MCFA) or Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCTs).
  • Thus, it may ease-out conditions such as measles, herpes and influenza virus, lowers Candida and bacterial infections.

Coconut Oil Can Save Our Brain

The fatty acids in virgin coconut oil can boost brain function in patients suffering from Alzheimer’s disease.

2. A Baby’s Best Friend

  • Virgin coconut oil is the best skin care solution for babies as it is free from chemical formulations (such as trans fatty acid) and provides good protection to the skin of the baby.
  • It is an ideal massage oil for babies and can also be used for skin and hair applications.
  • The virgin coconut oil is high in MCFA or MCTs, which is identical to special group of fats present in mother’s milk. Hence, it protects newborn babies from infections during the first few months of their life, while their immunity is still developing.

3. Good Slimming Aid

  • Ingestion of virgin coconut oil can help you lose fat by decreasing hunger and food intake as MCFA in this oil promotes fat loss and lowers body weight.
  • This is because less enzymes and acids are needed to digest MCFA as they undergo rapid metabolism in the liver that lead to increased energy and less storage of fat.
  • It is now suggested to substitute other fats with virgin coconut oil to support weight loss treatment.

4. Virgin Coconut Oil for Health and Beauty

Virgin coconut oil offers several health benefits and has many other practical uses.

Solve Skin Issues

  • Virgin coconut oil is the best possible remedy for various skin ailments.
  • Virgin coconut oil has been used for patients with dryness, eczema and often for microbially colonized psoriasis, acne, contact dermatitis and rosacea lesions.
  • How to use for eczema in children: Apply 10 mL of virgin coconut oil on the body in two divided doses daily for 8 weeks.

Beauty Benefits

  • Including virgin coconut oil in your diet may become a part of your beauty regimen as it is a wonderful face cleanser, moisturizer and sunscreen as it is abundant in Vitamin E.
  • Research has shown that it can act as a sunscreen and block 20% of the harmful ultraviolet rays.

Healthy Hair with Virgin Coconut Oil

  • Virgin coconut oil repairs any damage and moisturizes and nourishes the scalp with essential proteins which gives your hair a natural shine and radiance.
  • It prevents dandruff and hair loss and provides protection from infections caused by bacteria, viruses and fungi.

5. Antioxidants

  • Virgin coconut oil supplements your body with antioxidants that acts as the body’s natural defense against free radicals.
  • These halt the sagging and unsightly wrinkles and hence, beautify your skin.
  • Vitamin C and Vitamin E present in virgin coconut oil is responsible for slowing down the ageing process.

6. Dental Health

  • Virgin coconut oil may help in preventing tooth decay and gum disease due to its known antimicrobial properties.
  • It improves calcium absorption thereby helping in the development of strong teeth.
  • For decades, oil pulling has been used as a mouthwash to get rid of bacteria and promote healing of gum related diseases.

7. No More Pain

Virgin coconut oil can be used for massaging to ease out muscular pain.

8. Vitamin Magnet

Virgin coconut oil aids in vitamin absorption of fat-soluble vitamins A, D, E and K.

The Bottom Line: Make a Start Today and Stay Healthy all the Way

Thus, virgin coconut oil is a priceless gift to us from nature that offers great taste and a myriad of culinary and health benefits. Understanding the abundant health benefits, our ancestors aptly called the coconut tree as “The tree of life” or “Kalpa Vriksha”. All this is just the tip of the iceberg, virgin coconut oil is now being used with great results. You never know when you might need virgin coconut oil. So, make sure you always have plenty of virgin coconut oil on hand.


  1. How should I consume Virgin coconut oil?

The best way to consume virgin coconut oil is to either drink 1-2 tablespoon a day. You can also replace your regular cooking oil with virgin coconut oil. Moreover, it adds great flavor to most of the Indian recipes.

  1. Can I use virgin coconut oil for blemishes on my face?

Yes, Virgin coconut oil helps to get rid of ugly spots and blemishes that occur due to ageing and over exposure to sunlight.


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