Things You Should Know To Keep Blood Pressure Numbers in Check


Blood pressure numbers change constantly in most people, depending on the time of day, the activity that person is involved in and the environment as well. But some signs and symptoms can help you understand if something is wrong with your blood pressure. When you visit the doctor and explain these symptoms, he/she will be able to tell you the ways and means of keeping blood pressure levels in check. In case of minor changes in the pressure levels, you can resort to some home remedies. In other cases, you may need some medication to bring it under control. Before understanding the details of changes in the blood pressure levels, it is important to understand what actually it is and how does it help your body?

Blood Pressure Numbers in Check

What Does Blood Pressure Levels Mean?

When you get your blood pressure level checked by a doctor, you might have noticed that there are two numbers recorded by him after examining you with the help of a blood pressure machine. The two numbers can be medically described as systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure. The systolic blood pressure is the pressure created by the flow of blood pumped from the heart to the rest of your body. And the diastolic blood pressure actually is the resting phase of the heart between the beating and pumping of the blood.

Blood Pressure Numbers and Readings You Should Know:

  • Systolic

For a normal human body, normal blood pressure should be ideally below 120. If it lies in the zone of 120-129, then you have an elevated heart rate, and anything above this is a clear indication of hypertension. If you observe such an increase in the levels of blood pressure, you must call a doctor right away.

  • Diastolic

If the systolic blood pressure is normal, then the diastolic should be below 80. If your diastolic blood pressure is in the range of 80-89, then you may have stage 1 of hypertension. Stage 2 of hypertension is when the diastolic is above 90, and anything above 120 should immediately be brought to the attention of a doctor.

Doctors Recommend These Ways To Keep High Blood Pressure In Control:

High blood pressure can cause heart diseases that can prove to be fatal if not treated on time. Once you are already diagnosed with high blood pressure, the doctor will recommend some medication to bring it under control. While you can take the medication, for the time being, bringing about lifestyle changes can help you in managing high blood pressure permanently. Some of these changes have been mentioned hereby:

  • If you keep your waistline in check and lose extra pounds, then your blood pressure level will reduce drastically. For men, the recommended waistline should be below 40 inches, and for women, it should be below 35 inches.
  • Physical activity plays an important role in deciding the level of blood pressure. If you exercise regularly, you will reduce the risk of high blood pressure to a large extent.
  • Eating a wholesome meal can also contribute to maintaining normal blood pressure. Avoid having fried meals that require more time and energy to digest.
  • Reducing the salt intake can keep the blood pressure levels under control.
  • You should also stay away from habits like drinking and smoking if you want to avoid high blood pressure or heart problems.

Doctors Recommend These Ways To Treat Low Blood Pressure:

Low blood pressure is as much of a problem as high blood pressure. It can cause you to faint in the midst of work or even cause stroke or other heart-related problems. Some of the recommended ways of managing low blood pressure have been mentioned underneath:

  • If you increase your heart rate with the help of some adventure or cardio work out, you will be able to boost your low blood pressure. However, it has to be a consistent effort.
  • Your salt intake should be more than normal.
  • Drink more fluids in hot weather so that you do not dehydrate your body.
  • Sometimes, caffeine can also help you in boosting low blood pressure.
  • If you suffer from low blood pressure, you might feel light and dizzy in your head. Do not worsen the problem further by consuming alcoholic beverages or anything that intoxicates you.
  • If you keep moving your body at regular intervals, you can avoid dizziness as well. So, in between work, you should take breaks to walk around the office or even in your cubicle.

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