Medlife Acquires EClinic24/7 To Ease e-Pharmacy Business Workflow


In terms of offering a hassle-free health care experience for both doctors as well as patients, Medlife an e-pharmaceutical company has acquired EClinic24/7’s technology at an undisclosed amount. This technology will be affixed onto the Medlife platform beginning from December 2018.

Medlife Founders
(L-R) Prashant Singh, Founder, Medlife and Tushar Kumar, CEO, Medlife

However, talking about the acquisition, the CEO of Medlife, Mr Tushar Kumar said,

Our acquisition of EClinic24/7 will allow us to create hassle-free e-consultation with an enhanced offering to our customers. EClinic24/7 has been recognised as NASSCOM Emerge 50 companies and has a great technological platform for transforming the e-healthcare industry in the country.

However, “This acquisition will also add to our future revenues with e-consultation that will contribute to 5 to 10% of our overall business in the near future”, he added.

Once this technology is implemented and integrated into Medlife’s platform, customers can get immediate medical assistance like general physician consultation and opting for video or voice call via the Medlife portal. Customers using this technology can also enable email chats too.

Why Did We Opt for this Technology?

Technologically speaking, this acquisition will bring in experienced and advanced technology that will enable an easy way of ordering medicines and getting them door-delivered to you.

Jayandran Venugopal, the Founder of EClinic24/7 said,

We at EClinic24/7 develop and devise technological platforms that ease businesses and boost their workflow. However, with the help of experienced healthcare professionals, we can build better technologies that can better the way a patient can order for medication online.

“Moreover, we are pleased that  Medlife being the leader in e-pharmacy has come forward to take this technology to the next level. Once this technology is integrated into the Medlife platform, we can see huge improvements in the e-pharmaceutical space,” he added.

How will EClinic24/7 Technology be Useful?

Using this technology will benefit patients and specialist doctors in a huge way. Majorly, patients will have the added benefit of seeking verified and specialist doctors over the Medlife platform. Currently, there are 1500 specialist doctors working for Medlife and the company has plans to expand to about 10,000 more doctors in a span of 1 year.

Talking about e-consultation by using Medlife, Mr Prashanth Singh, Founder and Director said,

e-consultation will provide a huge impetus to the people, especially patients and the benefits are multifold. Now you can order and access medicines 24X7 from experienced doctors. This will also benefit people in smaller towns and villages where they can customise their consultation and safeguard their privacy while using the Medlife App or website.

“The major benefit of using Medlife is that it will help you save time and travel cost which is considered huge especially for a patient”, he added.

While this has already been followed on a wide scale in countries like the US and China, India makes it a thriving and competitive ground to enhance such electronic benefits for doctors and patients.

$100 Million Investment To Expand

Medlife is a self-sufficient business and plans to expand by making an investment of $100 million in order to expand its e-pharmaceutical network around the country. Initially, the company began as a drug delivery mechanism and later evolved into an online doctor consultation and laboratory service. The company plans to set up one diagnostic lab in both Mumbai and Delhi by the end of December 2018. Currently, it has one centre in Bengaluru.

Established in November 2014, Medlife has makes 15000 deliveries approximately on a daily basis. These services are spread across 29 states and 23,000 PIN code in the country. Currently, the company aims to be a pioneer in the healthcare industry through a single platform with over 50 operating fulfilment centres across the country.12345

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