Medlife Hits One Million Customers Mark [News]


Increased Internet penetration and growing online sales has helped Bangalore based E-pharmacy, Medlife reach over one million unique customers, in little over 2 years. This milestone was achieved in the month of October, for the year ending, 2017. Today Medlife is India’s largest online pharmacy, and thanks to an aggressive expansion strategy is looking to scale to over 100 cities, by 2018.

Mr. Tushar Kumar - Medlife CEO
Mr. Tushar Kumar – Medlife CEO

CEO, Tushar Kumar, founded Medlife in 2014 with a vision to make healthcare accessible and cost effective for all.

“We plan to create a simple ecosystem for patients, which can solve most – if not all – their pain points that exist today”, says Mr. Kumar.

The future looks promising, with exciting launches and new innovations, Medlife is all set to change India’s healthcare and pharmaceutical space for the better.

Today, Medlife’s services range from e-pharmacy, 24/7 patient consultations, laboratory services and more. The app-based service offers an array of healthcare related facilities that aim to bring doctors, patients, laboratories and pharmacies all under one roof. The company also has a call-to-order option where patients can call-in and place orders.  

Aside from making major in-roads in health delivery and services, Medlife has raised the bar in bringing about ethical standards, in an industry otherwise marred by unethical practices. Thanks to its transparent inventory-led model and steadfast conviction to sell prescription drugs only against a valid doctor’s prescription. The customer centric approach ensures that customers get the best value for their money and save considerable time on every purchase.

As a front-runner in the online-healthcare space, Medlife has created a unique platform that will potentially dominate the healthcare industry in the coming years. One thing is for sure, this platform has created a great foundation and will be interesting to watch going forward.  

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  1. It’s an great idea to reach the Costomars of their needs of regular medicines with resonable price.It’s not a business but a great help to the people those who are suffering a lot for buing there expensive medicines in verious sicuation.And i am very greatfull being a part of this organization. Thank you sir.


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