Mistakes To Avoid in Medicine Storage


Summer is all about prickly heat waves and unbearable heat. We need utmost protection from the scorching sun ready to take on us.

But what must be noted is that just like our bodies, even our medicines need special care when the mercury hits the highest peak. It becomes all the more important to keep your medicines from damage and decay due to excruciating temperature.

Mistakes To Avoid in Medicine Storage

Why to Protect Your Medication from Heat?

Heat degradation may hamper your medicines’ effectivity, causes the medicine to lose its potency, physically change the product, thereby adversely impacting your health. Thus, it becomes necessary to keep your medicines at a controlled temperature of 58 to 77 degrees Fahrenheit.

Protect Your Medication from Heat

Factors that can Alter the Properties of Your Medications

There can be so many factors that can expose your medicines to high temperature without you even realising it. Here, we talk about some of the prominent ones that may affect your medicine stability.

  • Extreme Weather: Room temperature can be extremely hot during the summer season. Power shortage or lack of air conditioning may damage your medicines in room temperature.
  • Direct Sun Exposure: Keeping your medication under direct sunlight may damage the medicine.
  • Storing in the Car: If you store your medicine in your car for a long time, they tend to get exposed to high heat, thus, getting damaged.

Properties of Your Medications

How to Protect Your Medication from Heat?

Extreme temperatures during the summer season tests the integrity of your medicines. So keep it protected from harsh summer heat wave by storing in ambient temperature.

When you buy medicines, follow the quick-fixes to keep your medicines protected:

How to Protect Your Medication from Heat

What If Your Medication has been Exposed to Excessive Heat?

It is important to consult a doctor before taking the medication in case your medicines have been exposed to excessive heat. Dispose off the medicines if they have stayed in the heat for very long.

Excessive Heat

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