Mother’s Day Special: Unique & Healthy Gift Ideas for Moms


Mother’s Day is around the corner. It is celebrated to honour the motherhood, maternal bonds as well as the mother of a family. It is a special day for many of us to show our appreciation towards our mother by giving various gifts to make them feel pampered and loved. Many of us struggle and wonder what to get for the mother on this special day. Moms are the best, she loves everyone unconditionally, compromises and sacrifices many of her desires just for her family and therefore, she deserves nothing but the best. Thank your mother for always being there for you no matter what’s the situation by giving them the best gift of all. Here are few unique and healthy gift ideas for the mothers that will make them feel loved, pampered and honoured:

For many mothers a full day at the spa can be a great relief from the daily domestic chores leaving her feel out of the world. It is one of the best ideas to gift her with a spa treatment for a day. Get those massages, manicure, pedicure, a massage, and facial which helps her fight against stress, leaving her feel fresh and relieved.

  • Book a health check-up

Women are encouraged to visit the doctor to screen signs of any illness or other health issues that affect them. They are ignorant about their health while being busy working for her family. On this Mother’s Day, fix an appointment with your family doctor and consult to know her health condition. Some of the recommended tests are breast self-exam, skin self-exam, dental check-up, cholesterol, blood count test, thyroid test, full physical check-up and so on. Book a complete health package from Medlife and get her lab tests done at home.

  • Plan for an outing

May be the one thing that every mom does not get is a day off or a day of her own to spend as she wishes. This Mother’s Day make her feel special, take her out for a movie, give a surprise special dinner in the evening and plan for a family get together because seeing her family celebrate her special day would bring joy to her.

  • Tea bouquet

Customised tea bouquet would be the perfect one if your mom is a tea lover. Fill her kitchen cupboard with touch of health, love and wellness with the help of tea bouquet that includes both herbal and organic You can write a heartfelt note on every tea bag because every time she grabs one of them she will see a loving and warm message for her.

  • Fitness tracker

You could get your mother the best fitness tracker this year. It will track the number of steps, heart rate, sleep and provide estimates on the number of burnt calories. Pick the best one for your mothers as she can put it in her pocket, purse or even carry it around.

Don’t settle for less, give her the best this year. You can include a fresh fruit basket, baked cookies, dark chocolates. Apart from the gift, you can cook food for her, clean the kitchen, and let her sit back and rest. Spend some quality time with her if you have forgotten to in midst of your busy schedule. It is not at all difficult to make her feel like a special, pampered and loved as long we express what she means to each one of us and acknowledge the same. She always cherishes tiniest of the happy moments so make sure to keep her happy all day long.

So, what are you getting your mom this year? Did we miss any great ideas? Tell us all about it in the comments below.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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