Must Know Healthy Benefits of Cloves


Cloves are flower buds that come from the clove tree and this tiny spice has loads of nutrition and healing capabilities. These small spices have a strong mint-like taste that is basically known for their anti-diabetic and anti-inflammatory properties that help your body fight many diseases.

Benefits of Cloves

Just a teaspoon of these tiny spices is loaded with fibre, vitamins C and vitamin K. It also contains manganese that helps boost memory function while vitamin C and vitamin K boosts your immunity and prevents you from blood clots. This spice has been used to flavour hot beverages and spice up different foods. Cloves also have medicinal properties that can aid in good liver health and stabilise blood sugar levels.

Originating from Indonesia, this spice is currently used in soups, meat, rice dishes and sauces. The name clove is derived from the Latin word clavus meaning nail because of its resemblance of a nail. Though this spice has been used in many cooking traditions over centuries, researchers have now begun to understand its health benefits.

Nutritional Table of Cloves:

All of us know that cloves are good for us, but the question remains in what possible way are these tiny spices good for us? Here is a nutrition table of cloves which will give a better understanding of its health benefits.

Vitamin Table:

All of the above-listed information pertains to what cloves basically have in general. Here are some of the vitamins that cloves consist of.

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Electrolytes allow cells to produce energy to the body and keep your immunity strong. Electrolytes can be seen in the form of sodium and potassium for example and this helps move water and fluids in your body. Here are some of the electrolytes that cloves have in them.

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Similar to that of vitamins, minerals help your body to grow and builds a strong immunity. This means that your body uses minerals for a number of reasons such as building stronger bones and maintaining a normal heartbeat. Here are some of the types of minerals that clove’s have.

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Phytonutrients are produced by plants that use it as a weapon against their prey. It may not be good for you, but it does have certain types of antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties that prevent your body from certain kinds of diseases. Here are some the phytonutrients that clove has.

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Of course, spices are used in many of our foods, but you cannot keep adding this to your routine. It is advised that you consume no more than 3 cloves a day.

Healthy Benefits of Cloves:

Now that you know the amount of nutrition that cloves offer you with, let us understand the basic health benefits of adding cloves to your daily food.

1. Fights Cancer:

Cloves are said to prevent you from cancerous tumours and aids in the death of cancerous cells. Eugenol is the major property of clove that helps prevent cancer. This is also rich in antioxidants that can prevent your body from a number of diseases. These antioxidants also prevent you from inflammation.

2. Prevents Diabetes:

Nigericin is the major compound found in cloves that help prevent diabetes. It also helps in improving insulin secretion and cells to produce more insulin. This means that if cloves are consumed as a part of a balanced diet, your blood sugar levels can be stabilised.

3. Aids in Good Digestion:

There are certain compounds found in cloves that can reduce stomach ulcers and this is caused due to the oil that cloves contain. This oil increases the thickness of gastric mucus and thereby protects the stomach lining from developing any sort of ulcers. Always remember that a healthy stomach means healthy digestion. So, all you need to do is to just add 3 cloves to your daily food and you can reap its benefits.

4. Helps in Good Respiratory Health:

Clove oil helps in treating bronchitis, cold and cough including asthma. Clove consists of oil that will soothe your respiratory tract. It also has inflammatory effects on your body that can prevent you from a number of diseases that you are prone to. All you need to do is to apply some clove oil on your chest and near your nose and this will help you get relief. If you do not like applying oil on your skin, you can also add it to a glass of warm water and consume it like tea. In case you are suffering from a sore throat, all you need to do is to chew a small piece of clove ad this will help you become better in no time.

5. Helps in Blood Circulation and Relieves Stress:

Again clove oil can aid in blood circulation as this impacts your body’s metabolism and body temperature. The antioxidant properties that are found in cloves can purify your blood and gently massaging your body with clove oil can help you relieve stress.

6. Helps in Dental Health:

Eugenol enzyme present in clove provides relief for your health. This substance has antibacterial properties that help you deal with pain and factors that the body is suffering from. The best remedy for curbing toothache is to place one piece of clove in your mouth and moist them with your saliva and then gently start chewing them. The oil that is released by the clove helps fight the pain. If your toothache is severe, then you need to crush the clove and add the powder to your teeth.

7. Remedy For Headache:

Clove has cooling and relieving properties that can work wonders for you including fighting a bad headache. In order to beat that bad headache, you need to crush some cloves and put them in a handkerchief. Now you need to inhale them and this will get rid of that bad headache your suffering from. Also, you can add some clove oil to the crushed powder and apply it over your forehead. This will add bring some relief.

8. Helps in Treating Acne:

Clove oil is said to be just the right cure if your suffering from acne. It is the antifungal and antibacterial properties in clove that aid in fighting this condition. Clove oil also helps in improving skin health by killing bad bacteria and fighting inflammation.

9. Fights Inflammation:

Clove has the capability of fighting inflammation in your mouth and throat. According to a study by the University of Florida, people who consumed cloves every day were identified to have lower risks of inflammation in their mouth and throat. If you are suffering from inflammation for a very long time, then this can cause arthritis, but consuming clove on a daily basis with moderation can prevent that from happening.

Other Healthy Uses of Cloves:

Cloves can be used for many other purposes other than helping your body functioning in the right way. You can use clove for cooking purposes and this can aid in improving your health. However, here are some other ways in which cloves can benefit you.

  • You can use cloves for cooking several dishes.
  • You can add some powdered cloves by grounding them. This will add an aroma that can make your cake smell great.
  • You can add 2 cloves to your morning tea and feel relaxed.
  • Did you know that cloves are also used as an insecticide too? All you need to do is to bathe your pet in water and add some clove oil to its body. This will keep those nasty fleas away.


Now that you know that cloves are beneficial for your health in a wide range of ways, here are some frequently asked questions that will help you get a deeper understanding of cloves and its benefits.

1. How many cloves can you consume a day?

It is advised that you can consume not more than 2 to 3 cloves a day. Excessive consumption of cloves can cause fluid imbalances and liver damage. However, you need to moderately consume this as this will lead to further medical complications. Adding it to your breakfast tea is the best way to begin your day with clove.

2. What are the other names of cloves?

Cloves have different names in different countries of the world. In India, this spice is called Laung (Hindi), Cengkeh (Indonesia), Clavo (Spanish) and Ding Xiang (China).

3. Can cloves prevent infertility?

Yes, it does. If cloves are cooked and consumed by an expecting mother, it may be safe and recommended, but if it is consumed directly, the clove oil may be a little risky for you and your baby. However, you need to consult a doctor at the earliest.

4. What happens if I eat too many cloves?

Especially men who have the habit of consuming too many cloves can suffer from the following circumstances such as:

  • Erection related problems
  • Itching and rashes
  • Skin irritation
  • Bleeding or swollen gums, sore gums and irritation in the mouth etc.

However, consuming too many cloves can lead to fluid imbalances and liver damage. Cloves have loads of health benefits that you can benefit from like keeping blood sugar levels and blocking bad bacteria. However, you need to add this to your regular diet. The best part is that you can add some cloves to boiling water and make yourself a cup of clove tea.


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    Please how can clove help me to solve this problem and in which way is the best to use clove to cure it.
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