Home Expert Talk Natural Pain Relief: Top 7 Natural Painkillers

Natural Pain Relief: Top 7 Natural Painkillers

Natural Pain Relief: Top 7 Natural Painkillers

If you are suffering from a mild headache, backache or any sort of pain in your body, you may first prefer taking a painkiller pill that can help give you instant relief. But, now the question is, are these painkillers pills safe for you to consume? Do they have severe side-effects or is it better than opting for herbal products?

Natural Painkillers

Although the majority of people prefer using western medication to get instant relief to their problem, they avoid the fact that they are prone to a lot of side-effects in the long-run. Some of them get addicted to these painkillers and as a result, people develop habitual uses and narcotics. However, you may find the best and safest relief that your body requires from natural painkillers.

There are many herbs and natural remedies that can treat various diseases like cold, cough, fever, arthritis and so forth. Similarly, there are some natural herbs that can act as painkillers with any side-effects on your body. These herbs can be categorised as alternative medicine that also includes yoga, acupuncture and various other practices.

Facts About Natural Painkillers:

Natural painkillers can surprise you most often with their power of suppressing pain and giving you the relief that can take time, but its benefits are long-lasting. Moreover, here are some facts that you need to to know natural painkillers.

  • Natural painkillers involve traditional healing practices such as yoga, acupuncture, reiki and so forth.
  • Natural painkillers take more time to heal but its effects are long-lasting.
  • Natural painkillers must be taken only when you are suffering from pain and not otherwise.
  • Turmeric, cloves and using ice or heat bags to succumb swelling or any sort of sprain is said to be a natural way of getting instant pain relief.

Top 7 Natural Painkillers List:

Natural painkillers are very effective only in times when your body is suffering from pain. Here are some of the most widely used lists of natural painkillers that can help you bid goodbye to pain in a more natural way. These natural painkillers will break your reliance on western medication and is easy to try.

1. Natural Painkillers for Severe Pain:

Treating severe pain can be a hurdle as most natural painkillers do not give you instant relief. Severe pain can be categorised into headaches, backaches, bloating, joint pains and so on. However, here are some simple facts in which you can curb severe pain with the use of natural painkillers.

  • Place a hot water bag on your joints when your suffering with arthritis.
  • Have a small bite of chocolate. Some studies have proven that having a tiny bite of chocolate are said to reduce pain.
  • In order to cure arthritis, you can place a cool bag of ice on your joints and this will prevent you from having any inflammation.
  • Make sure you eat and sleep on time. Lack of sleep causes muscles to weaken because the body has no rest. Not eating on time also causes headaches and so on.
  • Massage your body with some natural oils that will help keep you relaxed.
  • Regularly exercise to avoid any health problems. Your body produces endorphins and this helps in blocking any sort of pain that the body is about to encounter. Regular exercising can do the trick and a natural life hack that can help your body produce endorphins that result in curbing any sort of pain that the body is about to face.

Note:  All of the above-listed natural painkillers that are used for curbing and treating severe pain in your body is advised to be used only in times when your body is suffering from some sort of pain.

2. Natural Painkiller Turmeric:

Turmeric is a yellow coloured spice that is said to have many healing properties since time immemorial. This spice contains antioxidants that protect the body from cell and tissue damage. However, in terms of healing pain, turmeric is said to provide the following benefits such as:

  • Cures indigestion
  • Stomach pain and ulcers
  • Psoriasis
  • Prevents cancer; and
  • Cures inflammation
  • Lowers risk of developing heart diseases

Note:  One of the major healing properties found in turmeric is curcumin that acts as an anti-inflammatory compound that has a number of health benefits on your body.

3. Natural Painkillers for Back Pain:

Back Pain is one of the most common pains that most people face around the world. When back pain gets painful, people prefer taking western medication that will provide them with instant relief. The problem with taking western medication is that it may instantly provide a relief from what you may be suffering from. Now the question is, which is better-western medicines or natural painkillers? Well, let’s find out!

  • Yoga: This ancient form of healthy practice does have a solution to back pain since time immemorial. This involves meditation and getting up early and practising it.
  • Vitamin B12: Lesser amounts of vitamin B12 can lead to depression, numbness and tingling and altogether all of these aspects lead to back pain. So make sure you consume certain amounts of meat and dairy products that will help stabilize your vitamin B12 intake and keep you away from all of these problems.
  • Alexander Technique: This is a type of therapy that will help you improve your sitting and sleeping posture and tips in order to get rid of some of the bad habits that you possess. This also helps in the treatment of chronic back pain.
  • Regular Exercise: Make sure you jog and run on a daily basis for at least 145 minutes as this will help you in breathing and eradicate any sort of body pain.
  • Reduce Weight: If you are heavier and bulky, then you should consider losing weight to look at the brighter side of life. Your body will be more prone to many diseases the more you put on weight. Back pain also happens due to being bulky. So, consider losing weight in order to stay fit and healthy.

Note:  Back pain is considered a major health concern in the United States and this is one of the major problems that people in the US tend to miss work.

4. Natural Painkiller Acupuncture:

This is a traditional  Chinese natural remedy to relieve body pain by placing tiny needles into the skin far from where the pain or swelling is there. This ancient treatment helps the body to balance its energy pathways by inserting tiny needles into your skin. This natural treatment keeps you relaxed and cures all sorts of pain that the human body is facing.

This treatment helps the body to release serotonin that is a feel-good chemical that helps the body relieve pain on its own without the help of any medication. In simple, acupuncture regulates pain and helps the body produce pain-reducing chemicals such as endorphins that fight pain.

5. Natural Painkiller Cloves:

Clove is one of the most important spices that is used to spice up meat and many other rice dishes. Cloves are used to treat a wide range of health conditions and this may help treat nausea and a common cold. Moreover, here are some of the medicinal properties of consuming cloves.

  • Prevents and treats a severe toothache
  • Helps in treating arthritic inflammation
  • It helps in reducing nausea; and most of all
  • It helps in relieving severe pain in the body

Note:  People who are taking medication relating to blood-thinning must be very careful of consuming cloves. However, it is advised that you consult a doctor before opting for any such thing.

6. Natural Painkillers for Arthritis:

Arthritis also understood as severe pain in your joints is marked by inflammation and stiffness in joints. One of the most common forms of arthritis is osteoarthritis that usually affects people as they age. However, the most extreme form of osteoarthritis is called rheumatoid arthritis. Modern medicine treats arthritis with anti-inflammatory medication and this causes side-effects in the long run. However, there are a number of natural painkillers that can prevent you and also treat arthritis. Here’s what you need to do.

  • If your overweight, well you should consider losing weight in order to cure arthritis or even prevent it.
  • Make sure you regularly exercise.
  • Place a hot water bag or cold water bag on your joints in order to ease your muscles.
  • Opt for acupuncture and this will help you ease back pain and also helps in relaxing your muscles.
  • Use turmeric powder to some of your dishes. This is because turmeric has traditional healing properties that can make you feel better.

7. Natural Painkiller Hot and Cold Treatment:

Applying some ice or a hot water bag on your foot which is hurt or sprained will help resolve any joint pain, backache or a headache in a natural way. Most people prefer going for western medicine because of the instant relief it provides. Hot and cold treatment helps resolve the below-listed health problems.

  • Muscle catch
  • Ligament Tear
  • Reduces inflammation in joints
  • Helps in treating headaches, backaches and toothaches

Note:  If you’re badly wounded after a major accident, it is advised that you consult your doctor regarding it. In some case, immediate medical assistance is required because using a hot water or cold water bag may not be a timely remedy for a medical emergency.

Other Types of Natural Painkillers:

There are many different types of natural painkillers and they need to be taken only when you are suffering from some sort of pain. If taken unnecessarily, then you may be complicating your health. However, here is a list of some general painkillers that are taken t treat the following conditions.

  • Garlic must be added to your everyday diet as this has the capability of curing severe ear pain.
  • Consume apple cider vinegar if your suffering from heartburn.
  • Add turmeric to your everyday diet as this can curb joint pain.
  • If you are suffering from sinus, then add horseradish to your diet.
  • Bloating is caused by acidity in your stomach and this can be very dangerous. In order to get rid of this eat pineapple.
  • If you are suffering from urinary tract infection then consume blueberries.

Recent Study on Natural Painkillers:

In a recent study by the University of California stated that falling in love is a life hack that can make a better place bringing better lifestyles and healthy ways into an individual’s life cycle. The study also stated that love is a natural painkiller that can barricade any sort of pain that would affect the human body. Moreover, the study ended by stating that romance can help battle blood pressure and various other allergic reactions of the human body.

Researchers at the University of California stated that when they showed the photos of the participants loved ones, they did figure out a 40% drop in pain and stress. This means that just looking their loved ones did the trick of stabilizing heart problems and stress-related problems. Also, the study looked at kissing as a natural painkiller.

It stated that couples who constantly kissed had lower chances of developing cholesterol. Thus the study concluded that couples who constantly hugged each other had very low chances of falling into depression and thus love is a life hack and a natural painkiller for a better lifestyle.


Natural painkillers have a different way of healing, while western medicines rely mostly on providing instant relief that can cause side-effects in future. On the contrary, natural painkiller medicines have a very slow healing process, but its impact is long-lasting and there is no way that you may get the same disease once again. Here are some frequently asked questions that will shed some more light into the topic of natural painkillers.

1.Western medicine painkillers Vs natural painkillers- Which is better?

Both these forms of medicines do have their own merits and demerits, however, it totally depends on the time and the situation in which either of these forms of medicines come into the scene. Take, for instance, if a person has met with an accident and is badly wounded, he must be rushed to a nearby hospital and given western medicines and treatment.

In this scenario, natural medicines would not be effective to reduce pain. But if the accident was mild and that the person was less hurt, then natural painkillers play a good role. Moreover, natural painkillers are more healthy and prevent you from developing the same disease in the long run.

2. What herbs are used to cure arthritis?

Arthritis is a common disease where a person develops severe joint pain that is caused by inflammation in their joints. By placing a cold water bag or hot water bag on the swollen areas, this will act as an anti-inflammatory agent. However, there are a number of herbs that can help you cure arthritis.

  • Aloe Vera
  • Eucalyptus
  • Ginger
  • Green tea
  • Turmeric
  1. What are the natural tooth painkillers?

Having a toothache can be more painful than having a severe headache because one decayed tooth can strike pain around your face and forehead, thus causing irritation and restlessness. Here are some natural ways in which you can get rid of a bad toothache.

  • Gargle with salt water
  • Chew some clove
  • Boil guava leaves and gargle
  • Mash some garlic and add a bit of salt to it and place the paste on the affected tooth or area.

Natural painkillers have been used since time immemorial and it has worked well for all till date. However, there are many instances where western medicine plays an important role in giving immediate and faster relief. But you need to understand that everything that’s done in a rush does come with a lot of side-effects and therefore the slower healing the better for the future of your well being. The human body has been adapted to the very fact of healing at a faster rate because of the type of scientific food we consume and therefore it is prone to a lot of disorders.

So, in order to protect your body from developing any sort of disease or pain, natural painkillers come into the scene to protect you from it. So, if your suffering with mild body pain, headaches or any sort of body pain, make it a point to use any of the above-listed natural painkillers that will help you get rid of simple pain without any side-effects. So, always remember to stay safe and develop a healthy lifestyle.


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