New Mommies – 10 Things You Should Know About Newborn Care


A child is every parent’s dream and once the child is born, you need to take extra care and understand the needs of the baby. Having a newborn baby will be pretty much a new experience for everyone involved and taking special care of your baby is imperative in the first few months. Proper care, nourishment, grooming and sleeping patterns is crucial for the overall development of your child. The followings points and tips will help you achieve it:

New Born

Bathing in Early Days:

You do not need to give your baby a bath in the first few days. This may sound odd – after all, cleanliness is the best way to maintain hygiene and health. However, not bathing your baby is good as babies have a white covering spread all over the body that acts a protective layer. This creamy, white substance, called vernix caseosa, is made up of oils from the baby’s sweat gland. It acts a protective layer against all the bacteria and keeps your baby’s sensitive skin moisturised. Within 7-10 days, the white coating slowly peels itself off. After this, you can give your baby a proper bath.

Care for the Umbilical Cord:

While giving a bath, it is important to keep the umbilical cord as dry as possible. You should not put the cord inside the diaper as that can make it wet. Once the umbilical cord breaks off, special care should be given to the wound till it dries off completely. You should let the baby air dry first and only then apply any powder or lotion.

How to Take Care Newborn Baby

Taking Care of the Genitals:

While giving a bath, treat your baby’s genitals as any other part. Clean them with warm water and keep them dry thereafter. For girls, wash the genitals from front to back to avoid any bacterial infection. Powder should be used in an extremely cautious manner as the fine particles of the powder can enter the baby’s lungs. If your boy child has undergone circumcision, clean the penis with warm water for a week and then apply petroleum jelly at the tip of the penis to avoid infection from the diaper. You can continue until it heals, which usually takes 10 days.

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Extra Care for the Scalp:

One of the most delicate parts of a newborn baby is its scalp. This is because there are skull bones that are yet to completely fuse together. There are many soft spots called Fontanelles, formed during the delivery process. Moreover, the skin on the scalp is quite fragile and can scratch easily. It is important not to scrub too hard while shampooing or massaging. You also need to massage the head with olive oil to get rid of the white spots that can form in some babies.


Your baby’s skin is already soft and you just need to keep it hydrated and moisturised with a good lotion on a regular basis. It is usual for babies to have acne on their cheeks, nose, forehead and skin during the initial days. It is because the mother’s hormones still circulating in the child’s body. It is important not to get worried as it will resolve itself in a few days. You must clean the face with warm water and not pick the pimples. As the baby was inside the womb for such a long time, the skin is highly hydrated. When the baby is exposed to the outside environment, the skin naturally gets dry. You do not have to worry, as the skin will get better in a few weeks.

Take Care of Their Eyes, Ear and Mouth:

In the case of a little crust entering baby’s eyes, clean it with a wet cotton starting from inner corner and then to outer corner. As parents and other caretakers, you need to clean your hands before holding the baby as the virus of cold or cough can cause conjunctivitis or pink eye. It is also important not to worry about possible colour change in the eyes. It is common for the colour of the iris to change within a few days of birth.

Just like your ears, your baby’s ears too will clean themselves. It is important not to use any wet cloth or cotton and dab inside the ear to clean. Rather than cleaning, you may instead push in the wax. Therefore, avoid cleaning the inner parts of ear.

You should clean the lining of your baby’s gums with warm wet cloth. Once the first tooth grows, you need to brush the tooth and the subsequent teeth with a brush with soft bristles. Do not use any kind of toothpaste until the child is one year old as they are likely to swallow it.

Irregular Stools:

It is not necessary that babies pass stool every day. They can pass stool seven times a day or even once in a week. It does not mean your child is suffering from constipation or diarrhoea. It is okay if your child is feeding and is wetting the diaper enough.

Feed Them Regularly:

As your child’s tummy is small, it takes in only a certain amount of nutrition and will need it again after a few hours. During the initial days, it may require proper nutrition every two hours. It does not mean you feed them with solid food to make them feel full; it is dangerous!

Sleeping Patterns:

A new-born baby sleeps a lot but it is also important to note that you need to feed them every 2-3 hours. Try to maintain a day and night routine for the baby and make it get used to it. Try to minimise the length of sleep during the day hours and feed them regularly. Let them sleep for as long as they want at night. This will make sure that the baby gets used to the new pattern. Furthermore, it is important for babies to sleep on their tummy. It helps in strengthening the back muscles and unwinding the whole body that was curled for so many months inside the womb.

Think About Yourself:

As a parent, you must not be exhausted while grooming your child. It is important to feel confident while doing all the work for your baby. Keep all the necessary supplies within your range so that you can keep one hand on your baby and feel secured. It is natural to feel stressed during the early parenting days. Speak to your loved ones for emotional support and ask them to help you out as often as possible. A newborn’s mother needs rest too!


The most important time in any child’s life is its first year. Proper conditioning, nutrition, grooming, etc. will make sure that the child grows completely healthy. We at Medlife have the best quality baby products that cater to the needs of babies in the most effective way. We also have products that can help mothers take care of themselves post pregnancy so that they can recover quickly and resume their normal life.

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