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Asthmatics During Winters

10 Tips for Asthmatics During Winters

Asthma is a chronic disease, which affects the airways in your lungs. The airways swell up and the respiratory muscles get tightened up. This causes difficulty in breathing, coughing and chest tightness. In long-standing...

Doctor of The Week: Dr. A. Sukumar

Name: Dr. A. Sukumar Age: 65 Education: M.B.B.S Alma mater: Kilpauk Medical College, Chennai. Research / Awards & Accolades: I am having 35 years of private practice experience. I see a wide range of patients with...
Visual Representation for Healthy and Fatty Liver Difference

What is Fatty Liver – Should I Be Worried?

These days, many diagnostic centres and hospitals are offering health packages that involve numerous blood tests, a chest x-ray, an ultrasound scan of the abdomen and some cardiac investigations. Sometimes, these tests pick up...
School Children in Classroom Raising Hands

5 Hacks to Supercharge Your Child’s Performance at School

The competition at school nowadays is rising at a breakneck speed for kids and with it the number of health issues like obesity, learning disorders, depression and anxiety that end up lasting a lifetime...
Man getting early symptoms of Heart Attack. Blood flow is getting blocked with dangerous fats Which causes heart attack.

Listen to Your Heart and Protect Yourself From Attacks: A Thorough Guide

In an article published by the Times of India in January, 2017 India has been described as the ‘’heart disease capital of the world’’ This is primarily because people in the age group of...
Cellulitis Skin Infection

Understanding Cellulitis: What You Should Know

Often in clinical practice, doctors encounter patients who complain of their legs being swollen. While there are a number of reasons why this might be the case, one possible cause is a condition called...
Improve Health in 2018: Watter Bottle, Apple, Dumbbell on the Wooden Table

10 Simple Ways To Improve Your Health In 2018

2018 is just around the corner. The New Year’s resolutions you took feels like they had been made yesterday. The year has passed so quickly, yet your health may not have improved to the...
Atkins Diet on the Table: Fish, Carrot, Broccoli, Lemon, Apple and Tomatoes

Eating LOADS of Fats to become Thin? A dream come true with Atkins Diet!

Being on the heavier side of the scale can be pretty annoying not to mention a grave health risk triggering diabetes, heart disease, and more. Of late in India, the Atkins diet, has been...
Hand Wash

Washing Hands – The Best Way To Prevent Spread Of Infections

Viruses and bugs are all around us. Not only do they reside on surface of table tops and door handles, but they are teeming in numbers on your mobile phones and computer keyboards. These days,...
Diabetes Lab Test Image

6 Lab Tests For Pre-Diabetic & Diabetic Patients

With more than 62 million people diagnosed with Diabetes in the country, India is already considered the Diabetes capital of the world. If you suspect that you may have diabetes, it is essential that...
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