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10 Effects of Water-Borne Disease and its Prevention

The result of an individual suffering from any form of water-borne disease is because of consuming contaminated water or consuming food being washed with contaminated water. Some of the effects of water-borne diseases are...
Text Neck

Text Neck: A Modern Day Neck Issue

How many times a week do you feel repetitive pains in your neck, shoulder and head? There are chances you are suffering from Text Neck Syndrome. On an average, we spend 5 hours a...
Exercises for Arthritis of the Knee

10 Exercises for Arthritis of the Knee

Have you wondered what it is to suffer from severe joint pain that involves hot swelling painful cracks on your joints? Well, this phenomenon is known as arthritis and the most commonly affected part...
Medlife Awarded Best Healthcare Startup 2019

Medlife Awarded Best Healthcare Startup 2019

Medlife, India’s largest online pharmacy was awarded the ‘Best Healthcare Startup’ by FICCI Healthcare Excellence Awards 2019 at The Le Meridien, New Delhi. One of the key areas that the jury looked into was...
CBC Reports

What is CBC Report and How to Interpret It

The average human adult has more than 4 liters of blood in the body. It has four main components: plasma, red blood cells, white blood cells, and platelets. Bone marrow is the most important part...
Monsoon Health Tips

Monsoon Health Tips: 10 Simple Do’s and Don’ts to Stay Healthy

Monsoon is a time for scenic beauty all around India and nothing beats the thrill of long rides in this season. But did you know that this is the season when most of us...
World Mosquito Day

World Mosquito Day: How to Prevent Mosquitoes Around You

What is it About? The World Mosquito Day is celebrated on August 20 each year in memory of Sir Ronald Ross, a British doctor. In 1897, he had discovered that it is the female mosquitoes...
Lose Weight at Workplace

12 Easy Ways to Lose Weight at Workplace

The hustle and bustle of fast-paced environment with the comfort of a 9-5 job can sure seem charming but it comes with its own cons. When leading a sedentary lifestyle, it can be difficult...
Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

11 Reasons Why You Wake Up Tired

It's very hard for some people to wake from sleep and feel fresh in the morning. There are several factors that can lead to this situation. Waking up too tired and facing a hectic...
Flood Precautions

Medical Precautions to Take During and After Flood

A flood can wreak havoc in many ways in a human’s life. One of them is affecting their health. The recent flood events happening around us reminds us how important it is to prepare...

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