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Things Every Parent Should Know about Their Child’s Height

Things Every Parent Should Know about Their Child’s Height

The journey from being a newborn to an adult takes 18 years. The height and weight charts along with BMI calculator for kids are the reference point for parents to learn whether their kid’s growth rate is normal or abnormal. Many-a-times, parents can even raise a false alarm of growth failure. Here are a few facts about height issues in children that every parent needs to know.

Child Height

1. Height Weight Chart

The growth chart is an average height to weight ratio for girls and boys that is summed up month-wise. For example,

Age Boy Girl
O month 49.8 cm/3.3Kg 49.2cm/3.3 Kg
1 year 75.7 cm/9.6 Kg 74.1cm/9.2 Kg
5 year 109.2cm/18.4 Kg 107.9cm/17.9 Kg
10 years 138.4 cm/32 kg 138.4cm/31.9 Kg

This data is computed by averaging out children’s height and weight over a period of time. This chart gives relative numbers only and it helps the parents to contemplate how tall the child will look when fully grown.

2. Short Stature

If a child has a height below average and a growth velocity below the growth rate, then those kids can suffer from growth failure. This condition occurs due to growth hormone deficiency which is known as pituitary dwarfism in medical terms. A child is referred to be short statured if the height falls 3 to 5 percentile brackets in the growth chart.

3. Growth Delay

For some children, the growth velocity might be normal but they can look very short on the outlook. This is referred to as constitutional growth delay. Such delay in growth is temporary and it can be corrected with appropriate medication.

4. Diet Deficiency 

It is also observed that malnutrition can result in growth failure. Poverty-related self-restricted diet can cause deficiency and result in a low growth rate in children.

5. Diseases

Chronic diseases or disorders can cause growth failure. Also, hormone deficiency can cause growth failures too. For example, hypothyroidism can be a reason for stunted growth in children.

6. Growth Spurts

The growth hormone starts to work faster during puberty in children. For girls, puberty begins from 10 to 11 years and ends at 15 to 17 years. For boys, it starts around 11 to 12 years and ends by 17 years.

7. Tall Child

Some kids can be tall for their age due to excess growth hormone production. Their bone length is longer than the average level and this leads to vertical growth in height muscle and organ.

Some of the ways to regular growth hormone in children are:

  1. Growth hormone deficiency can be treated by using synthetic growth hormone injections. 
  2. The sooner children are diagnosed with a deficiency, they can be treated quickly and their growth stunts can be overcome. 
  3. It has been tested and proved that growth hormone supplements do not cause any side effects or impair the child’s intelligence. If the growth hormone is secreted in excess, there are GH inhibitors which will lower the hormone levels.

A child’s height is a reflection of his/her growth and development. Any issues have to be raised as a concern to the pediatrician immediately and appropriate treatments can be followed.


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