Thinning Hair? Top 6 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid


Healthy hair makes you happy, but when they start to fall or get thin, it somehow negatively affects your confidence. You tend to do whatever you can to revive them, be it spending a great deal of money on branded shampoos, hair care products or using every natural oil that claims to help you with this issue.

Top 6 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

There could be several reasons for your falling hair. Chemical laden shampoos, improper hair care habits, lack of nutrients, weather, hormones at play, to count a few. While you cannot do much about hormones or changing weather, you sure can bring a change to your grooming habits.

Here we share a few tips and tricks that can help you deal with this pressing issue just by avoiding some of the grooming habits that you unknowingly perform.

Top 6 Grooming Mistakes to Avoid

The reasons for hair fall could be many, make sure  improper grooming habits isn’t one of them. Read on to know what common styling mistakes you should stop doing today to avoid hair thinning and loss.

1. Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

Are you using hot water to wash your hair? It’s high time you stop this habit as it is doing your hair more harm than good. Hot water washes away natural oils present in the scalp which not only leads to dryness in scalp and hair, but in the long run, this habit is known to make your hair brittle and thin, thereby resulting in hair fall.

Washing Your Hair with Hot Water

Tip: Use cold water to wash your hair as it improves hair growth

2. Overusing Hair Care Products

Were you tempted to regain your lost hair by any means possible? Happens to the best of us! Seeing the number of fallen hair, panicking, we start using hair care products frequently to see positive results. What we seem to forget is that these products are so heavy and chemical laden that they end up weighing your hair down, leaving them looking flat and reduced. What’s more? Overusing hair care products tend to damage your hair by weakening the hair follicles.

Overusing Hair Care Products

Tip: Choose lightweight sprays or a light-hold mousse instead of creams and pastes

3. Combing or Brushing Your Hair Aggressively

When you are in a rush, you don’t really think about the way in which you are brushing your wet hair. You just comb your hair as quickly as possible, and head out. This is something you should avoid, because combing wet hair applies force on the roots of the hair which makes them vulnerable to damage and causes the hair to break.

Combing or Brushing Your Hair Aggressively

Tip: While brushing wet hair use wide-toothed combs and brushes with rounded tips

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4. Tight Braids or Loose Hair

When you tie your hair in a tight braid, your hair might look fashionable but do you know it is damaging your hair too? While braiding or tying a pony, you tend to pull your hair tightly, which puts pressure on the roots of the hair follicles. This applied pressure can cause hair damage, leading to hair thinning and eventually hair fall.

Tight Braids or Loose Hair

Tip: Make sure you don’t tie your hair very tightly but it is tight enough so that your hair remain in place

5. Shampooing Every Day

Considering the amount of dust and dirt our hair get exposed to everyday, shampooing them becomes an unavoidable part of our daily hygiene. However, shampooing too often may cleanse off the natural oil known as sebum, that keeps your hair healthy and moisturized. Furthermore, lack of sebum exposes your scalp to infections, making it prone to friction and breakage.

Shampooing Every Day

Tip: For everyday shampooing, use baby shampoos that are usually mild and less irritating

6. Too Much Heat for Your Hair

Regular or frequent use of blow dryer, hair straighteners and curlers can damage the hair fibers. Hair dryers not only dehydrate your hair strands but also make them frizzy, increasing the risk of hair thinning and loss of hair.

Too Much Heat for Your Hair

Tip: Stay away from using heated styling tools such as hair dryer and blower

In case you are losing your hair, consider it a wake up call to take a closer look at your daily hair grooming habits and the mistakes you need to avoid.

Note: In the event of experiencing heavy hair fall or gradual thinning, consult a specialist to know the reason behind and get proper treatment.

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