Too Hot for Your Heart to Exercise? Follow These Guidelines!


When mercury is on the rise, your heart pushes its limit to a greater extent to keep your body cool.

For every degree of rise in your body’s internal temperature, your heart has to beat 10 beats faster in a minute than usual. This results in a dramatic increase of stress on your heart to maintain bodily coolness. So, when the outdoor temperature reaches as high as 30 degrees Celsius with tremendous humidity, it is better to drop your intense exercises until the climate comes to a moderate state.

However, if you still plan to exercise during the summer months, follow the below guidelines

Guidelines for Exercising During Summers

It can be harmful for our body if we don’t know how to handle the heat or how to keep cool when exercising in hot and humid weather. Keeping these precautions in mind will not only help you maximise the results from your workout session but also will keep your heart healthy.

1Timing is Important

Timing is Important

Avoid exercising between 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. as it’s the hottest time of the day. Early morning or late evening workout is the best time for your keep-fit sessions.

2Shorter Laps are More Effective

Shorter laps are more effective

It is not healthy to do long runs in one go in extreme climate as your internal core temperature may rise up to 102 degrees Fahrenheit, which can lead to breakdown of body. So, it is suggested that you divide your run into laps and keep sipping water in between to keep your body at the optimum temperature.

3Wear Loose, Light-Color Clothes

Wear loose, light-color clothes

Light coloured, cotton clothes keep you cool on the inside as they help reflect heat, causing you to sweat less.

4Stay Hydrated

Stay Hydrated

Remember to carry a bottle of water whenever you step out during summers, especially for exercising. Keeping your body hydrated helps your heart to efficiently pump blood without additional stress of keeping the body cool. After you’re done with your workout, drink a few more glasses of water.

5Add Salts Back to Your Body

Add salts back to your body

Your body loses essential salts and minerals when you sweat. Adding electrolyte and sodium to your water replenish your body, try Gatorade, Glucon-D, Electral Powder etc.

6Know Your Limit

Know your limit

Be aware of your body’s limitations. Know if you are in a good physical condition to train or not. When you push yourself, your body starts to warm up from the inside, triggering the heart to work faster. It as well leads to dehydration.  Being stubborn with exercising regime isn’t going to help you much during the summer months.

Warning Signs

When your heart is exhausted, your body gives you warning signs. These signs must not be neglected:

Warning Signs

What to do If Your Heart Gives Warning Signs?

  • Take a break from exercising for a few days
  • Ensure sufficient fluid intake to get back on track
  • Give yourself a proper rest of 7-9 hours each day to ensure heart health
  • Be aware of your physical limitations
  • Consult a Doctor immediately if you feel sudden chest pains


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