Types of Hand Sanitizer and Face Mask


The coronavirus outbreak has led to people prioritizing hygiene. The world considers using hand sanitizers and faces masks more than their phones. But knowing what kind of face mask and hand sanitizer to use is what you need to know.

Types of Sanitizers and Face Masks

Viruses tend to stick to the human body and with regular hand wash and face masks you can prevent it. This article will give you an insight into some of the types of face mask and hand sanitizer that can help beat this deadly virus.

Types Of Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizers are essential, pocket friendly and germ-killing antiseptic solutions that keep you safe from infections. However, there are two types of hand sanitizer that can protect you from the deadly coronavirus. 

1. Alcohol-Based Sanitizer

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers contain 60% to 90% alcohol that kills germs more effectively. It is a liquid solution that requires hand wash with water and is similar to non-alcohol based hand sanitizers. In fact, both have similar properties except that an alcohol-based hand sanitizer is even more effective in killing germs. 

2. Non-Alcohol Sanitizer

This is a gel that has fewer amounts of alcohol content. Similar to an alcohol-based sanitizer, this too reduces infections and germs on your hands. It can be carried in your pocket and can be used anytime. 

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Types of Face Mask

Face masks are effective in preventing flu and the spread of cough and cold. However, there are different kinds of medical face masks meant for different purposes. Here is what you need to know. 

1. Disposable Surgical Mask

These types of masks have been used to protect themselves from affecting or being affected by infections and viruses. This type of mask is recommended to be used to prevent coronavirus. It can be disposed of after every trial. The main purpose of this mask is to protect individuals from getting sick from airborne diseases. 

2. N95 Disposable Respiratory Mask

This type of face mask is meant to protect you from dust, mould and environmental dangers. It is said to block 95% of airborne germs and not germs that travel through gas or vapour. This can also prevent coronavirus, Swine Flu and other deadly infections. 

3. Reusable Respirator/Gas Mask

This type of mask is used to prevent inhalation of solvents, chemicals, paint and woodworking. It can be reused and is used for protecting yourself from gasses and other chemicals that can be fatal for your body. 

4. Full face Air-Purifying Respiratory Mask (Reusable)

This mask is used to prevent strong gasses and vapours. It is a full face mask that covers your eyes and is recommended for scientists working in harsh chemical environments including people with chronic respiratory disorders. It also gets an attached air purifier that helps you breathe better. 

5. Self-Contained Apparatus (Reusable)

This is basically used by firefighters. It is built to help breath in dangerously polluted situations. You can reuse this mask and it is not recommended to be worn for coronavirus or any other flu. 

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Hand sanitizers and face masks play a very vital role in personal hygiene and protection from germs and other deadly infections. Here are some frequently asked questions that will give you an insight into its other facets. 

  1. Hand sanitizer vs Hand wash- Which is better?

Hand sanitizers contain higher amounts of alcohol in it and it is more effective in killing germs. oN the contrary, hand washing removes germs and does not kill it. Washing your hands with soap will trap germs in the natural oils produced by your skin. Moreover, it is recommended that you get an alcohol-based hand sanitizer in order to kill germs. 

  1. What side of a surgical mask should I use?

A surgical mask has 2 sides such as blue with and green with white. Always remember that the white coloured part must face your mouth. 

  1. Why is it called N95 face masks?

An N95 mask is called as such because it is said to block 95% of viruses that cause deadly respiratory diseases.

  1. N95 and surgical marks- Which is better?

Both masks serve the same purpose of preventing germs and infections. In case you are looking for better safety, then a N95 face mask will do you good. Also, keep in mind that these masks are not reusable. 

  1. How long does hand sanitizers last?

A hand sanitizer is effective for not more than six hours. It is also said that hand sanitizers containing 60% alcohol can kill 99.9% germs. It is recommended that you use alcohol-based hand sanitizers for more safety.

Surgical face masks and hand sanitizers are your hygiene armoury against germs and infections that can be deadly. Also, keep in mind the purpose of why you need to have a face mask. A surgical mask or a disposable N95 mask will do you good to prevent airborne viruses and infections. Protect yourself by using it and live healthy. 


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