Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week Before a Host of Global Health Awareness Days!



We hope you have had an amazing week. We had a pretty crazy week ourselves, thank you for asking! Now, you may wonder, how can an editorial team (a bunch of people whose only job is to sit and read and write) have a crazy week? Well, we are here to bust all myths, we can, and do have crazy weeks, especially, if the week precedes, a week full of global health awareness days. We have so much to do and all of it is quite exciting! So, let us give you a brief of our week, and you can make a mental checklist of the informative articles you have read:

Weekly Wrap-Up: The Week Before a Host of Global Health Awareness Days!

1. Common Myths and Facts about Depression:

The week started with spreading a little gyaan about depression. Between you and us, it seems that even our expert writers suffer from Monday Blues and were determined to let you, our readers know that you are not alone in feeling those blues. But most importantly, we as an online pharmacy are dedicated to myth busting, especially when it comes to health. More so, when it comes to Mental Health issues, like Depression, because believe it or not, young India is highly depressed and they need more acceptance and understanding, instead of baseless finger pointing and blame. So, here is our article on Common Myths and Fact About Depression.

2. Surprising Health & Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil:

Surprisingly, apart from being the centre of several researchers’ attention, coconut oil has also been declared as one of the healthiest foods on the tropical side of the world. Maybe the other side finds it beneficial too, but we can never know, especially with the strict immigration laws, maybe the exotic coconut oil of the tropical world has been deported back to where it originated from. However, to those of you living on this side of the tropics, be prepared to be surprised by the number of benefits of coconut oil. Read: Surprising Health and Beauty Benefits of Coconut Oil.

3. Hepatitis: Symptoms, Prevention, Spread, and Types:

Hepatitis, may we know all about it and may it never touch us. It is rather surprising, that despite so many efforts from international organizations, hepatitis as a disease is entrenched in myths and wrong practices. How lovely would it be if you rise above the #Laffadus in your life and spread a little correct knowledge about hepatitis, to know more, read: Hepatitis: Symptoms, Prevention, Spread, and Types.

4. Stomach Bloating: Causes and Home Remedies:

Gas! Especially, gas trapped in our stomach is painful, uncomfortable and somehow manages to bloat up our abdomens like the inside of a balloon. Well, you may laugh now, but the feeling is not pretty and generally sends the sufferer scampering for antacids. What if we told you, there are home remedies for your troubles? Home remedies, that are probably much safer than the medicines we are forced to pop. You may not want to admit it, but we know we have your attention, so what are you waiting for? No one will know you were reading: Stomach Bloating: Causes and Home Remedies.

5. World ORS Day Special: Benefits, Preparation:

Aha! As we said, we have global health awareness days lined up for the next week! We discussed hepatitis and now we have ORS. Quick question, how much do you really know about ORS? For example, did you know, that ORS was not really thought of as a viable treatment option till the 1960s? We bet you didn’t, even if you did, we are very sure, we will be able to introduce you to some new piece of trivia. Ready to know more? Read: World ORS Day Special: Oral Rehydration Solution Benefits, and Preparation

6. Joint Infections: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Yes, quite a surprise. Did you know that something like joint infections existed? Well, now you do. In a bid to give you a quick understanding of diseases, we have created focused content pieces which give you a brief, and general overview of the disease. In this case Joint Infections! Keep your eyes peeled for a much detailed blog about the same in the future, till then, here is your point of reference: Joint Infections: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

7. Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention

Heartburn feels like a mini heart attack. But what causes heartburn and how can it be treated? Also, can we actively do something to prevent it? Turns out, we have very short, precise and sweet answers to all these questions. Of course, we will give you a rather detailed account of the same, but we are saving that for a later day. For now, here is your guide to Heartburn: Causes, Symptoms, Treatment, and Prevention.

So, that was all for this week! Told you, we had a crazy week! Here is a peek into what is to be expected next week. Would you like to know about the amazing benefits of beer? On that note, wouldn’t it be super if you got some tips on home brewing or making dishes with beer? Well, we may have a solution.

In other news, the breastfeeding week is about to start, now you may wonder, why a week? Won’t you like to find out? Keep your eyes peeled, because we will be giving you all the information you need, under one umbrella blog!

That is not all, there is more! How many of us know about health insurance plans? Government offered health insurance plans in particular? Well, you know what we are going to say, come back next week for all of this information and more. We will be looking forward to your visit! Till then #FakeMattChuno, and #LaffaduMattBano!


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