What is Lafaddu? Adventures of “Lafaddu Lal”


What is Lafaddu?

Lafaddu is basically a kind of lazy and perpetually late person, who is always clueless-about-everything, good-for-nothing, and never-prepared-for-anything with I-have-no-idea-what-is-going-on look on their face. They pretend to know it all but in real, their mind blacks out at current situations and forget things within a second as if it’s their second nature.

You know what’s way more fun-filled? Hearing a story! Every story highlights a moral or a message. We have brought the same for you. Trust us, it’s short and interesting and will definitely not bore you at any cost (we hope it doesn’t).

Lafaddu Lal Story:

So, let’s begin! Once upon a time there lived a 62-year old father, tall, handsome, sensible, and tech-savvy. With him, lives a slothy-lazy son – easy-going about his father’s health and medication. Therefore, his father has labeled him “Lafaddu”.

Lafaddu - Boman Irani and Varun Sharma

They were living happily until one day the father fell sick. He asked Lafaddu to download the Medlife App and order medicines. Although that was an easy way out, Lafaddu chose the other way around! So, he went all way to the medical store and bought the tablets.

Next day, his father reminded him once more to order the medicines from Medlife as it gives up to 75% discount on all orders. But the Lafaddu again ignored his words and bought from the medicine shop at the same price. Days passed but Lafaddu was still the same. One day the old father suddenly fell ill at night. Lafaddu got anxious! He searched for his father’s medicine but didn’t find any. He opened drawers upon drawers but all he found were empty packets of meds. Suddenly his father’s golden words struck his mind,’Download-Medlife-Lafaddu’. He unlocked his phone, downloaded the app and hurray! The medicines arrived at his door quickly and his father recovered from the illness.

Lafaddu Lal:

This incident made him a more responsible person. Not only did he order the medicines via App, but also subscribed to the Monthly Refill Pack in which he will automatically get all essential medicines delivered to his place every month. Now his father is proud of his son as he is not a Lafaddu anymore.

So, what have you learned? We hope that we have formed the complete picture! You might land up in this situation if you are a Lafaddu or say a perpetually late person and always has I-have-no-idea-what-is-going-on look on your face. C’mon, you can do it!

Think, why to be labeled as a Lafaddu Lal when you can get rid of that tag by being just a bit smarter, on downloading Medlife App. We know you don’t want to be a “Lafaddalicious child”  who always gets a good dose from your elders regarding health. It’s time to hurdle-up from all the embarrassing situations and come out as a witty one. In addition to being a proud son to your parents, you can also pass the word about Medlife to your chacha, chachi, mausa, mausi, mama, mami and even door-ke-rishtedar.

If still you didn’t get an idea what Lafaddu is, watch the Medlife Lafaddu video series.

Watch Making of “Lafaddu” Video Series:

Behind the Scenes: 1 – Boman Irani

Watch Boman Irani’s ‘Behind the Scenes’ shot in the making of Lafaddu videos. He is practicing “Lafaddu Lal” in various tones. Amazing and Entertaining to watch one of the most talented actors!

Behind the Scenes: 2 – Varun Sharma

Even Varun Sharma (in real) agrees on “Lafaddu Mat Bano, Medlife Download Karo”. Watch this Fukrey actor practicing the same in various tones. Funny to watch the behind shows!

Behind the Scenes: 3 – Boman Irani and Varun Sharma

This video shows a father-son duo that starts with the director saying, “Rolling, Action” continued by Varun and Boman dialogues on ‘Lafaddu’. Interesting to watch their fun filled practice session!

Behind the Scenes: 4 Boman Irani with a group of people

This ‘Behind the Scenes’ video includes Boman who is teaching 80+ age people to say “Lafaddu”. Great making such a lively scene! They were full of energy and enthusiastic while shooting the scene. Claps to the team!



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