Mistakes to avoid during your initial few days at workout


Human body is very mysterious, it evolves itself from time to time and its an amusement to see what all its really capable of. Its a very complex machine. A lot changes in our body when we start working out. But these changes are different for everybody and depends on various factors. I will write about these factors in my upcoming posts.

Let’s talk about the first day at a gym for any individual, working out for the first time. We want to try everything whether it is cardio, weights etc. and while we do that; usually we “overdo” and our body starts to respond in a negative way because of which we feel demotivated to come back again the next day. So let’s see some of the mistakes that can be avoided on your first day of working out :

Train under a certified Trainer

TrainingA certified instructor makes a whole lot of difference in your workout schedule. Specially when you are working out for the first time you definitely need someone to guide you through it. Trainers posses a lot of knowledge about the exercises, gym equipments, risk of injury etc which will help you sail through your initial days of working out. Also a proper form/posture plays an important role in order to maximise the results. If your posture while working out is not correct, it leads to injury as well as slows down your progress. So make sure when you hit the gym next time, you step in with your trainer.

Proper warm up and cool down is very important

A warm up and a cool down involve less intensity and  slow pace moves. The former is used to prepare your body for the workout(increase the heart rate and the blood flow in your muscles) and the latter is used as a recovery routine from the workout to the pre workout heart rate and blood pressure. Its very important to have both of these in your routine as they help in reducing the muscle soreness and risk of injury.

Maintain proper hygiene

Gym-TowelNever wear pre worn workout clothes, no matter what kind of hurry you are in. You must wash your workout clothes immediately as they will stink and also its unhygienic. Never forget to brush your teeth in the morning as you breathe very heavily while working out so you would not want your gym buddies to stop talking to you. Also always carry a gym towel to wipe the equipment before and after use and wash your hands immediately after your workout.

Avoid over training

Go easy on yourself during your initial few days at gym, avoid pushing yourself too much so that you can come again the next day. Remember to have realistic target for yourself, working out too heavy and too intense will only increase the risk of injury and you missing your classes later. The initial 2-3 weeks should be neutral and light for your body to cope with the new schedule and then you can gradually increase the weights and cardio.

P.S. These days people think their workout is incomplete unless they post a sweaty picture or a picture with a heavy dumbbell on their social media channels. While there is no harm in doing that but you must be honest to yourself and to your followers.

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Happy Working Out …!

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