6 easy ways you can protect the environment and your own health


Today is World Environment Day. While one should work towards building a healthier environment every day, let’s have a look at 6 easy ways you can protect the environment and your own health at the same time.

1. Cycle to Work / Grocery Shopping

world-environment-day-cycle-to-groceryshoppingWhy add pounds of carbon dioxide and other harmful gases to the environment by riding a car or a bike, when you can avoid the same by switching to cycle. Few distances might be difficult to cover by a walk or cycle but how about completing your grocery shopping or going to work using a cycle and not your car. This habit will not just protect the environment but will have a good impact on your health. You will be able to burn calories while completing your daily chores.


2. Pick a Good Quality Water Bottle


Instead of drinking water from a disposable plastic bottle and disposing the same, you can switch to a stainless-steel bottle or a thermos. Thus, you not just drink healthy while keeping the environment safe but also reduce the use of plastic and wastage of money.

3. Avoid Wearing Harsh Fabrics

World-Environment-Day_CottonClothesTry to wear fabrics that has the least usage of chemicals. Few studies states that fashion houses use some chemicals to keep clothes wrinkle-free which is not just harmful for the environment but has also reports linking to cancer.  Organic clothes or clothes with minimum usage of chemicals will protect your skin as well along with the environment.

4. Eat Organic or Locally Grown FoodsWorld-Environment-Day

This one you already know the benefits. Nothing better than eating fresh fruits and vegetables. Avoid eating foods that are grown using pesticides and chemicals. This not just harm the environment but can have adverse effect on your health as well.

5. While you Clean, Stay Natural

World-Environment-DayUsing harsh chemicals can cause irritation and rashes on your hands and as some part of the component does go decompose in the environment, it harms the later as well. Instead you can rely on natural cleaning stuffs like vinegar with salt or baking soda to clean toilets or floors.

6. Make it a Greener World

World-Environment-Day_IndoorPlantsPlan some trees or keep some indoor plants around you. There are various indoor plants available that purify the air around you. You can also consider building a garden in the balcony or backyard to encourage fresh air around. Besides, more trees mean a greener and better world.

So, here are 6 simple ways you can protect the environment and do good to your own health as well. Follow these and make the world a better place. This World Environment Day, pledge for a healthier world and a healthier you.

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