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12 Yoga Asanas you should do every morning

A healthy start to the day keeps a man healthy and wise. Besides, it helps one get rid of those extra pounds in the wrong places. People who have been practising yoga for years always stand by the fact that yoga asanas not just helps in being healthy but also contributes towards being happy.

Here are 12 yoga asanas / postures that can be adopted as a morning habit to enjoy the health and fitness benefits of yoga. These 12 asanas is popularly known as Surya Namaskar or Sun Salutation. Yoga experts say that a minimum of 12 sets of complete surya namaskar provides a good cardiovascular workout and therefore is highly recommended for all the busy people who cannot afford to invest more hours in workout. Doing surya namaskar daily also improves one’s flexibility.

Clothing: Comfortable clothing; eg: track pants and t shirt

Props: A yoga mat to support the postures

12 Yoga Asanas or Surya Namaskar


1. Pranamasana

  1. Stand at the edge of the yoga mat

  2. Keep your feet together so that your body weight is balanced equally on both the feet

  3. Relax you shoulders

  4. Breathe in and bring your arms up and palms together to make prayer pose while breathing out


    2. Hastauttanasana

  1. Breathe in and lift your arms up and back

  2. Keep the biceps close to the ears

  3. Stretch the whole body


3. Hasta Padasana

  1. Bend forward from the waist

  2. Keep the spine erect

  3. Bring hands down towards the floor while breathing out


4. Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  1. Breathe in and push your right leg back as far possible

  2. Bring the right knee to the floor and look up


5. Dandasana

  1. Breathe in and take the left leg back

  2. Bring the whole body in a straight line


6. Ashtanga Namaskara

  1. Bring knees down to the floor while breathing out

  2. Take the hips back and slide forward

  3. Rest your chest and chin on the floor


7. Bhujangasana

  1. Slide forward and raise the chest up

  2. Keep your elbows bent and shoulders away from the ears

  3. Look up


8. Parvatasana

  1. Lift the hips and the tail bone up

  2. Keep the chest downwards while breathing out


9. Ashwa Sanchalanasana

  1. Breathe in and bring the right foot forward in between two hands

  2. Keep left knee down to the floor

  3. Press the hips down and look up


10. Hasta Padasana

  1. Bring the left foot forward while breathing out

  2. Keep the palms on the floor


11. Hastauttanasana

  1. Breathe in and roll the spine up

  2. Raise your arms and bend backwards pushing the hips slightly outward


12. Tadasana

  1. Bring the body in straight line while breathing out

  2. Bring the arms down and relax for a while

These 12 yoga asanas together become surya namaskar and one should do at least 12 sets of this to experience healthy results.

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