Yoga for Chronic Illness: A Guide


Yoga is an ancient Indian practice that is known to positively impact one’s mind, body and spirit. Various studies have shown that practicing 10 minutes of yoga asanas everyday can be effective in healing several diseases. There are many asanas which could help in managing diseases from joint pain and high blood pressure to diabetes. Therefore, more and more doctors are prescribing yoga not only for physical health but also for mental wellness.

Yoga for Chronic Illness: A Guide

This World Yoga Day, we share with you some easy yoga asanas you can use to keep your heart healthy, manage joint pains, achieve your weight loss goals, keep diabetes under control or ease breathing.

Read on to know more about the Yoga asanas that are helpful in dealing with chronic ailments!


Yoga is effective for people with arthritis as it helps lessen physical and psychological symptoms including joint pain, flexibility and function, lower tension and stress to promote better sleep.

Yoga for Arthritis

  • Child’s Pose: Efficient in relieving back pain and calming the mind
  • Cat Pose: Helps improve flexibility and stretching of the spine and wrist joints
  • Tree Pose: Strengthens the knees and hip joints as well as tones the muscles
  • Cobra Pose: Stretches the spine and hips, relieving any stiffness of those areas
  • Downward-Facing Dog Pose: Improves flexibility and stretching of the spine

Yoga for Arthritis

Weight Loss

Yoga is known to have positive effects on obesity and excessive weight caused by physical, emotional and mental reasons.

Yoga for Weight Loss

  • Plank Pose: Strengthens your core
  • Warrior II Pose: Works on your legs, back, thighs and arms
  • Extended Side Angle Pose: Helps in shapely body, thighs and arms
  • Boat Pose: Burns stubborn belly fat by strengthening your core muscles
  • Upward-Facing Dog Pose: Works effectively on stomach, hips, thighs and back

Yoga for Weight Loss

Type 2 Diabetes

For patients with type 2 diabetes, yoga can do a lot more than just relax your body and mind. Many experts recommend yoga poses to help lower blood sugar levels and blood pressure.

Yoga for Type 2 Diabetes

  • Seated Forward Bend Pose: Helps relieve headache, anxiety and fatigue as well as lower blood pressure
  • Upward-Facing Dog Pose: Regulates blood pressure, boosts blood circulation, and promotes weight loss
  • Bow Pose: Helps lower blood sugar levels
  • Child’s Pose: Encourages relaxation that helps increase insulin-producing cells
  • Corpse Pose: Helps lower blood pressure and calms the mind

Yoga Type 2 Diabetes

Cardiac Diseases

Practicing yoga may help lower cholesterol and blood pressure levels. It as well improves heart rate, making it a useful lifestyle intervention. Studies have demonstrated that waist circumference (a marker for heart disease) reduced in adults who practiced yoga for at least three months.

Yoga for Heart Health

  • Mountain Pose: Involves deep breathing that helps expand the lungs and fortifies the heart
  • Head-To-Knee Forward Bend: Supports weight control, hence boosts the wellbeing of the heart
  • Big Toe Pose: Therapeutic for high blood pressure, as it calms the brain and relieves stress
  • Cobra Pose: Stretches the chest and strengthens the heart
  • Corpse Pose: A superb stress buster, it improves the general soundness of the heart and body.

Yoga for Heart Health


Yoga is popular among people with asthma. One of the simplest yet promising solutions to tackle asthma, yoga helps reduce the effects of asthma.

Yoga for Easy Breathing

  • Easy Pose: Focuses on breathing and stress control, making it a great exercise for asthma and better lung function
  • Seated Forward Bend: Helps the lungs to open up for clear breathing thus providing relief from asthma
  • Bridge Pose: Stimulates blood circulation as well as relieves fatigue
  • Fish Pose: Helps open the lungs, so it is a great yoga pose for asthma relief
  • Corpse Pose: Brings the body in a meditative state which rejuvenates your body to tackle asthma

Yoga for Easy Breathing


Consult your Physician or a Yoga expert before trying these asanas for you chronic ailments.

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