Charak Calcury Bottle 40 Tablets

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CALCURY facilaitates the passage of urinary calculi by diuretic, anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. Berginia ligulata, Crataeva nurvala and Hazaral yahood pishti in Calcury helps to disintegrate calculi. Picrorrhiza kurroa, in CALCURY, normalizes ureteral peristalsis ,facilitates the passage of calculi and reduces renal colic. Boerhaavia diffusa, Tribulus terrestris have anti-inflammatory and diuretic properties. Tinospora cordifolia has anti-inflammatory action. Saccharum officinarium and Parmelia perlata have diuretic properties.

Hazaral yahud pishti in CALCURY is rich source of calcium that helps to reduce oxalate absorption and thus reduces stone risk.


  • Gokshur Diuretic, lithotriptic (helps disintegration of urinary calculus), anti-inflammatory
  • Pashanbhed Lithotriptic i.e. help to disintegrate the urinary calculi and reduces oxidative stress on kidneys
  • Punarnava Punarnava is antihyperlipidemic and diuretic. It maintains the lipid levels in body and reduces the cardiac load.
  • Varuna Lithotriptic, maintains crystalloid-colloidal balance, prevent recurrence

How to Use

1-2 tablets twice daily

About Manufacturer

About The Brand

The journey of Charak began in the year 1947 with a vision to improve the quality of life by making herbal healthcare available internationally.

Our endeavour is to meticulously research and formulate standardized products of the highest quality. We firmly believe that the customer is of paramount importance and therefore we place customer satisfaction as our supreme priority.

Over the years, Charak has established itself as the foremost international herbal healthcare company, recognised as the bastion of customer well-being with top-quality products and services.

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