Diabetes mellitus (DM) is a chronic metabolic disease in which the body is unable to convert sugar into energy. Inability to metabolize sugar leads to accumulation of sugar in the blood. High sugar levels damage the tiny blood vessels present in the kidneys, heart, eye, and the nervous system.

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Medlife Essentials Diabetasafe Ingredients

Madhunashini (Gymnema sylvestre)

It is an important medicinal herb of the Ayurvedic apothecary. This herb is traditionally used to controlling the blood sugar levels by dulling the tongue to the sweet taste. Gymnema sylvestre is known as Madhunashini in Hindi which means destroyer of sugar.

It acts on the body in following ways:
Gymnema decreases the absorption of sugar from the intestine.
It also increases the growth of pancreatic cells, thereby increasing the amount of insulin production.
It also helps in preventing obesity which the leading cause of diabetes.

Asana (Pterocarpus marsupium)

Seeds, wood, flowers and leaves of pterocarpus marsupium have many medicinal properties. Pterostilbene is one of the most active components present in pterocarpus extract, and other significant components include epicatechin, marsupin and pterosupin. It has the following properties:

It has the following properties:
Gum resin of pterocarpus helps in regenerating the damaged pancreatic cells.
Pterocarpus controls the blood sugar levels by supporting the certain natural processes in the body.
Pterocarpus also contributes to healthy skin and acts as antioxidant.

Amalaki (Emblica officinalis)

Emblica officinalis also called as Amla. Amla fruit is known for its antioxidant property. Therefore, it plays an important role in improving glucose metabolism in type-2 diabetes mellitus. Amla also prevents aggregation and insolubilization of proteins present in the lens of the eye and thus prevents secondary complication of diabetes such as cataract.

Mamjiva (Enicostemma littorale)

Enicostemma is one of the main ayurvedic medicines used for treating diabetes. Fresh leaves of Enicostemma littorale are very nutritious. It contains phosphorus, calcium, iron, minerals and fibre. Enicostemma acts by reducing blood glucose levels, increasing the insulin levels and improving kidney function. It also helps to reduce the symptoms of diabetic neuropathy.

Why Adjuvnant Therapy

Liver damage is possible in adults who have taken ≥10 g of paracetamol. Ingestion of ≥5 g of paracetamol may lead to liver damage if the patient has risk factors.
Risk Factors: If the patient is on long term treatment with carbamazepine, phenobarbitone, phenytoin, primidone, rifampicin, St John's Wort or other drugs that induce liver enzymes.

Benefits of Diabetasafe

They help to treat the disease condition permanently.
These supplements are natural in origin and thus, environmental friendly.
They have no side effects.

Adjuvant therapy helps in diabetes control, reducing treatment related side effects and preventing long term complications. However, unlike conventional anti-diabetic medications, adjuvant therapy acts by treating the root cause of disease.

General Info


Take 1 - 2 tablets twice daily orally 1/2 an hour before meals with water as an adjuvant to conventional
Oral Hypoglycemic Agents or as directed by physician.


Store below 25°C, protect from moisture and light. Keep the container tightly closed.
Keep out of reach of children.

Shelf Life:

48 months from the date of manufacture.