Medlife Essentials


  • Aids effortless weight loss.
  • Controls Appetite.
  • Regulates Diabetes.
  • Anti-stress.

Medlife Essentials Garcinia Ingredients

Medlife Essentials Garcinia capsules are made garcinia rind extracts which is rich in HCA, which helps the body reduce weight. Garcinia is also rich in several other basic nutrients which helps its in controlling diabetes, stress and lower bad cholesterol, while increasing the levels of good cholesterol. Each capsule of garcinia contains, 500 gms of garcinia rind extracts

Why Herbal Therapy?

Herbal substitutes help with negating the negative effects of conventional medicine. This Herbal or Ayurvedic therapy is much more anatomy friendly and safer to use. It also heals the body holistically, benefiting the individual in the long run.

Benefits of Garcinia:

General Info:

1 tablet twice a day before meals or as instructed by the physician.

Store in a cool (below 25°C), dry place (away from moisture). Keep away from children. Keep the lid tightly shut.

Shelf Life:
Best before 36 months from the date of manufacture.