Medlife - FAQs

  1. What services does Medlife offer?
  2. Do I need a valid prescription to buy medicine?
  3. How do I order medicines for Medlife?
  4. What are the acceptable payment modes?
Medicine Order, Delivery & Payment
  1. How do I order medicines from Medlife?
  2. How will the delivery happen?
  3. What are the acceptable payment modes?
Cancellation, Return & Refund
  1. How do I cancel my Medlife order?
  2. Can I return my order?
  3. How do I place a return request?
  4. How is refund of my order done?
Affiliate & Subscription
  1. Can I order medicines on Medlife App?
  2. Will I be notified at every step of my purchase?
  3. What to do if a particular medicine is not available?
  4. How to cancel an order on the app?
Medlife Offers & Coupon Code
  1. What is Medlife coupon?
  2. What are Medlife offers?
  3. Can I use multiple coupons for one order?
  4. Can a coupon be redeemed more than once?
  1. How can I contact doctor online?
  2. How much time will I get to speak with a doctor?
  3. How do I pay for the consultation?
  4. Do I get a receipt for the payment?
Medlife Labs
  1. Can I book my tests online?
  2. How to book lab test on Medlife website?
  3. Will the samples be collected from home?
  4. How much time do I have to wait to book my tests?
Medlife Health App
  1. Is this app free?
  2. Do I have to sign up to use this app?
  3. Is the Mobile App secure?
  4. How do I get the mobile app for my phone?