FAQs - Medlife Order Cancellation, Return & Refund

1. How do I cancel my Medlife order?

It's simple. Call 1860 1234 1234 for cancelling your medicine order placed at Medlife

2. Can I return my order?

You can return your order within 30 days from the time you received your order. However, this may be subjective to certain terms and conditions. Refrigerated products need to be returned within 24 hours and stored at the right temperature in customer homes.

3. How do I place a return request?

Call us on 1860 1234 1234 (Mention order number, sales invoice number name, and reason for return).
Note: You need to raise a return request within 30 days of product delivery or 24 hours if you wish to return a refrigerated product. Only full strips & unopened bottles will be accepted

4. How is refund of my order done?

  1. Raise return request.
  2. Delivery personnel will collect the package from your doorstep.
  3. Your order will be reviewed based on your reason for return.
  4. After approval, we will initiate refund/replacement back to the same payment source if you had paid online or to your medlife wallet if you had paid by cash.

Note: If you want the return to be credited to your bank account instead of medlife wallet, please call the customer service team to get the same done.

5. If my order was cancelled, can I reorder it?

Yes. You can reorder your medicine in case you have cancelled it. We have made reordering very easy through our app. Select the order which has the medicines you want & there will be an option to reorder the medicines of that order. You can also modify the quantities while reordering.