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Details - FAQs

Medlife Franchise Model is not the traditional franchise model. Our model is an agent assisted e-commerce model where the agent is the franchise Partner of Medlife. Here Franchise as a focal point ensures quick transaction facilitation, hassle-free delivery and customer support.

Franchise role is to assist customers buy medicine and other Medlife services Online through medicine point and earn as much as he/she can. is a ‘Technology based company with’ the dream and ambition of bridging the gap between accessible quality healthcare and every citizen of this country”. Medlife aims to be a one stop healthcare portal which would bring all healthcare stakeholders on a single platform enabling customers to enjoy a smooth healthcare experience”. To sum up briefly, we aim making healthcare affordable, accessible and simple.

    • There is a lack of regulation, as well as fragmentation within the supply chain of medicines, allowing the entry and distribution of poor quality, low grade medicines. Medlife offers its customers guaranteed doorstep delivery of genuine medicines. This guarantee of quality results in reordering. In time, the franchise benefits from the construction of a customer base which is loyal.


  • Medlife is a well known and trusted brand because it works with integrity and offers great benefits to the customers.


  • Medlife has been successfully handling 40000/- deliveries everyday
  • Medlife operates PAN India.
  • Medlife is known for delivering genuine and quality medicines, value for money and better customer services..
  • Advertisements running on major T.V channels and Leading News papers
  • 20% Discounts to customers on genuine medicines.
  • A person needs to have a physical store with Floor area requirement = Minimum of 120 – Sq. ft. (1 Sq. Meter = 10.76 Sq. ft.)
  • Space to display Medlife Signages Min. signage size: 2 x 1.5 ft. | Max. signage size: 6 x 3 ft.
  • Hard working, dedicated, and diligent individuals.
  • Someone willing to manage operations on their own, rather than, relying on other employees.
  • Knowledge of basic computer skills is required.
  • Unique business model with low investment.
  • Multiple revenue sources
  • Fastest ROI
  • Zero investment in stocks
  • 20% discounts on prescription medicines to customers with e – payment options
  • Comprehensive marketing support by Medlife on various platforms
  • Exclusive territorial rights
  • Successful franchise opportunity for both urban and rural India
  • Special benefits for women entrepreneurs
  • 100 + successful franchises across the country
  • Franchise can carry the pride of our success in your locality in a reputable profession with assured income.
  1. Place orders for customers using the login credentials provided to him/her
  2. Franchise owner collects Rx from customer
  3. Franchise owner uses Medlife customer franchise portal to place an order using their User ID
  4. Verification OTP sent to customer and then entered on the portal
  5. Order delivered to customer with invoice by TSA
  6. Franchise will be paid a commission amount on the net bill amount monthly.

Commission is calculated for the net sales.

We have a full proof payment process explained below.

  1. Franchise will get a total sales report for the month from Medlife.
  2. Franchise owner will reconsult the report with his/her dashboard and will confirm.
  3. Once confirmed it will be sent to the validation team
  4. After that by the 20th of every month the payment will be released to the respective bank accounts of the franchise.
  5. Depending on the net bill amount of every month, commission would be transferred directly to the bank account of the franchise. The franchise’s customers will 20% on their orders as well.
  6. Once on- board, the franchise would be given a display board and marketing collaterals.

  • Medlife is operational PAN India You can start your franchise store anywhere in India. But you need to send your PIN CODE we will verify and update you on the availability of the specific location you are looking.
  • If the specific PIN code is not available, the brand will suggest other nearby locations which are available.

The setting up of a franchise depends on two things,

  1. the state of the property,
  2. the size of the property.

However, approximate investment lies between Rs 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh. To set up a Medlife Franchise the required total investment is between Rs 1 Lakh to 3 Lakh depending on the size and specification of the business premises.

Glow Sign board will be provided by Medlife.

  • Comprehensive marketing support
  • Marketing collaterals
  • Glow sign board
  • Training for the franchise and its staff
  • Incentives and Awards for top performing franchises
  • Operational support through the running of the store


For more queries please write to franchise[at]


Fill our agent enrollment form and send us a scan, along with:

  • A copy of your pan card
  • A photograph or physical cancelled cheque to verify bank account where the commission would be paid.

Once the documents are verified, we will create the Login ID and Password and send it to you.

You can start ordering using these credentials.


  • Please do not sign up on the app
  • A valid prescription is required to place an order. Invalid prescriptions will be rejected.


You can access our general Terms and Conditions in this page.

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