Groviva Child Nutrition Supplement (Strawberry) Powder 200 GM

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GrovivaTM is a scientifically formulated nutritional supplement with 38 key nutrients to support cognitive function, immunity, normal growth & development ,gut health & bone health in children (2-12 yrs).It is fortified with Certi5TM signature nutrients - Dual Protein, Dietary Fiber, DHA,Probiotics & Calcium.



  • Dietary supplement
  • Rich in carbohydrates and proteins
  • Rich in essential vitamins and minerals


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How to Use

Mix 2-4 scoops of Groviva Chocolate Powder in lukewarm water or milk and drink or follow the dosage as recommended by your doctor


Why Groviva Powder?

It is difficult to determine the actual health status of children based on external indicators alone. Research shows that despite parents’ best efforts, the Indian diet falls short of the daily nutritional requirements of growing children due to a variety of geographic and cultural reasons. Groviva is scientifically formulated in compliance with the Regular Dietary Allowance (RDA) guidelines set by the Indian Council of Medical Research to to support overall growth and development in children aged 2-12 years. It bridges the gaps in your child’s nutritional status by providing DHA, dietary fiber, good quality protein and all 28 essential vitamins and minerals that support immunity, brain development and physical growth in children. Please consult your pediatrician for further advice.

Does it have any side effects?

Groviva is a safe nutritional supplement powder scientifically formulated to support overall growth and development in children aged 2-12 years old in accordance with the nutritional guidelines (RDA) set by the ICMR and does not pose any side effects in healthy growing children. In special cases, please consult your Pediatrician.

Is Groviva safe for children with celiac disease?

Yes, Groviva is gluten-free and can be used by children suffering from gluten intolerance/celiac disease.

How can I tell if my child’s immunity is low?

Low immunity in children exhibits itself through various symptoms. For example, your child may feel lethargic due to weakness and fatigue, or display increased susceptibility to infections like cold, cough, fever.

Nutritional Facts

  • Trans Fat free
  • Gluten free

About Manufacturer

About the Brand:

At Signutra, they believe the right nutrition is like a signature. Being global experts in medical nutrition, who understand that nutrition science is common across the world, but nutrition demands need to be unique for each country.  And this is reflected in their purpose to provide signature medical nutrition custom-made for the geographies we become active. 

About the Manufacturer:

• Founded in the US by two physicians in 1952, company has a presence in over 120 countries. 

• Mundipharma has revenue of more than 4 billion US $ 

• Pioneers in pain and wound management medicines. Also present in Biosimilars, Diabetes, Oncology and Respiratory segment. 

• Mundi Pharma has researched and developed some of the block buster drugs for the modern world.

Manufacturer Address:

Health & Nutrition Division  (Modi-Mundipharma Pvt. Ltd.) 1400, Modi Tower, 98, Nehru Place, New Delhi 110019, India

Customer Care

For Queries/ Feedback/Complaints, Contact our customer care Executive at: Phone:1860-1234-1234,


Net Weight:

200 gm

Shelf Life:

18 Months


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a dry and cool place