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Groviva Child Nutrition Supplement for Overall Growth and Development

Groviva is a nutritional supplement that supports growth and development in children aged 2-12 years. Unlike many supplements available today, Groviva has been developed to meet the nutritional requirements of Indian children. From signature nutrients to taste to regulatory compliance, consider Groviva the complete nutrition partner to make your child Confident inside, Active outside.

Wholesome Nutrition with Certi5 Signature Nutrients

5 signature nutrients in Groviva, are provided in quantities that support your child's growth & development, cognitive & immune function, and gut & bone health.Groviva is designed as per nutritional requirements provided by ICMR for children 2-12 years of age

Benefits of Groviva on Childs Overall Growth and Development

Physical Growth

Contains Dual Protein which plays a vital role in bone growth, muscle mass, height & weight gain. It also contains calcium that helps in maintaining bone and teeth health.


Enriched with Probiotics that inhibit the growth of harmful bacteria which causes serious infection.

It also contains Dietary Fiber that reduces the risk of obesity, and gastrointestinal disease.

Highest DHA

Formulated with the highest DHA that supports brain growth and development. It enables improved concentration, learning and problem-solving abilities.


Contains energy-boosting nutrients such as choline, vitamins, minerals, etc., needed for optimal growth and development and to endure the desired level of physical activity.

Kids Approved Taste and No.1 prescribed brand

Groviva has been approved by Kids, so now even the fussiest kid will look forward to their next glass.Groviva is available in 4 kids approved flavors - Chocolate, Vanilla, Mango and Strawberry.

Disclaimers :

  • Kids approved taste : As per Neilsen Report on HFD products test conducted in 2016
  • No. 1 prescribed brand : Groviva is No.1 prescribed brand as per IQVIA Medical Audit July 2019.

How to Use

Step :1

Take 50ml of lukewarm water/milk.

Step: 2

Add 2 leveled scoops (30g) of Groviva powder and stir briskly.


Add 50ml more water/milk in the cup. More water/milk may be added as desired.

Step: 5

Stir well once prepared; consume immediately for better taste. Otherwise cover, refrigerate and drink within 24 hours.

About Manufacturer

Encouraged by the success of Win-Medicare, another landmark joint-venture was formed to serve the healthcare needs of the country. Christened Modi-Mundipharma Ltd. the tie-up with the Mundipharma Group of Switzerland has further strengthened the Umesh Modi Group’s position in the pharmaceutical segment.

A rapidly growing pharma company, Modi-Mundipharma draws its primary strength from sound Research and Development as well as existing and effective formulations of the Mundipharma Group companies world-wide. Medical fraternity, across the length and breadth of India, perceives Modi-Mundipharma to be a pharma company that offers long-acting formulations in innovative drug delivery system in various therapeutic segments called continus Technology. Two well established brands in Continus Technology are Nitrocontin® and Unicontin-E®.

Customer Care

For Queries/ Feedback/Complaints, Contact our customer care Executive at: Phone:1860-1234-1234,


Keep away from direct sunlight

Store in a dry place