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HAIROUSE-MX® 2% & 5% are revolutionary Minoxidil formulations with a clear superiority over other traditional Minoxidil products in the market. As you are aware, every Minoxidil formulation, in the form of lotion, spray or foam, is available with alcohol base. All minoxidil products in the market before HAIROUSE-MX manifested side effects like dryness and itching of the scalp, and brittleness of hair as a result of the alcohol content. So we thought that we have to develop a formulation of Minoxidil which is devoid of the side effects of alcohol and at the same time more efficacious than minoxidil formulations with alcohol base. This thought process and the resultant R&D efforts gave rise to Hairouse-MX 2% and 5%,WORLD'S FIRST MINOXIDIL FORMULATIONS WITH OUT ALCOHOL,more efficacious and with out the irritating side effects of alcohol. It is to be noted that multinational companies, including Indian multinationals, like Johnson & Johnson, Dr Reddy's etc. could not or didn't bother to develop this type of patient friendly and better efficacious minoxidil formulation.


  • The first Minoxidil product of its kind in the world to contain absolutely no alcohol
  • It has no allergic reactions or side effects attributed to alcohol
  • The results are better than alcohol-based Minoxidil products due to better penetration of alcohol.


Minoxidil with 0% Alcohol, 2% & 5%

How to Use

As directed by the doctor

About Manufacturer

Nithyasha Healthcare Pvt. Ltd. is a Mumbai (INDIA) based emerging organization in the business of health and beauty care, with special focus on dermocosmetology.

Country of Origin: India

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Net Weight:

60 ml


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from children
  • Store in a dry place