Homeopathy and Unani


Homeopathy & Unani

Get overall healthcare with the huge collection of homeopathy and Unani products available at Medlife online store. You can buy from top-selling brands like Hamdard, Dr. Reckeweg, SBL, Allen, Hashmi, Fourrts, Adel, Bakson's, WHEEZAL, Hakim Suleman's, ARR and more!

Benefits of Homeopathy

Since time immemorial, homeopathy, along with the natural medicines has been used as a holistic treatment system to treat various psychological, physiological and pathological disorders in humans. Besides, it offers a myriad of other benefits. 

  • No matter what kind of health condition you are ailing with, homeopathy has an answer for it. At Medlife, you can find homeopathy products that take care of your liver, blood sugar levels, heart, weight, eyes, kidneys, fertility, skin, digestive system, brain, immunity and more! 
  • Homeopathy treatment will not only target the symptoms you have currently. But, it will kickstart your body’s healing system to target the root of the issue and heal your body as a whole to make you feel healthy and energized again.
  • This natural healing system can even help you heal acute and chronic conditions. Many patients have claimed that they feel much better and healthy after being nursed with homeopathy medicines.
  • The medicines are mainly a blend of nature’s best ingredients, that is, herbs, minerals and animal products. For this reason, it is considered non-toxic, harmless and effective. 
  • Regular medical treatment for your chronic conditions may cost you a fortune. But, with homeopathy medicines, you can take advantage of the best healing system at an affordable price!
  • This natural healing system helps your body develop resistance to diseases.

Benefits of Unani

Unani treatment system mainly aims at achieving the balance between your body fluids, including phlegm, blood, black bile and yellow bile. They also suggest that what we go through is greatly influenced by external conditions like air and water. Many have found this mode of treatment effective and beneficial in many ways.


  • This treatment method lets you take advantage of holistic treatment. That is, it will not only target the symptoms but takes care of your complete health by aiming at the root of the trouble. 
  • You can effectively get relief from many health conditions that affect your mind and brain, digestive system, bone and joints, respiratory system, fertility, skin, hair, liver and so on. 
  • You may no longer have a strong memory power that you once possessed. You can relax knowing that Unani medicines for the brain have the ability to heal your mind and improve your memory retention capabilities.
  • The Unani Products are mainly a mix of rich natural ingredients. For this reason, they are affordable and not as expensive as conventional medicines.