Kapiva Ayurveda Green Superfood 1 Kg

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Product Information:

Kapivas Green Superfoods is dairy-free, 100% plant-based nutrition powder crafted with 7 alkalising farm fresh greens that act as an anti-aging element and help boost immunity levels in the body. They are packed with a nutritive blend of 20 wholesome greens, sprouts and veggies with added vitamins along with minerals for your complete nutrition. It also helps support healthy blood sugar levels and detoxifies the body. Build your strength and immunity with Kapivas Green Superfoods.


  • It is dairy free
  • Made from plants
  • Boosts Immunity
  • Contains multiple nutrients and vitamins
  • Keeps blood sugar level under controls
  • Detoxifies the body


  • Wheatgrass Powder,
  • Inulin,
  • Soya Fiber,
  • Alfalfa Powder,
  • Spinach Powder,
  • Spirulina Powder,
  • Carrot Powder,
  • Moringa Powder,
  • Pomegranate Powder,
  • Beetroot Powder,
  • Tomato Powder,
  • Amla Powder,
  • Banana Powder,
  • Flaxseed Powder,
  • Lemongrass Powder,
  • Apple Powder,
  • Papaya Powder,
  • Guava Powder,
  • Strawberry Powder,
  • Orange Powder,
  • Cucumber Powder,
  • Watermelon Powder,
  • Mango Powder,
  • Ginger Extract,
  • Maltodextrine.


  1. Take one scoops (15 gm) of the Kapiva Ayurveda Green Superfoods.
  2. Add 400 Ml-500 Ml of chilled water or any beverage of your choice in a glass/shaker cup.
  3. Mix/blend well to craft a delicious smoothie.




  • This product should be purchased under the supervision of a doctor before consumption of the product.
  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in dry place
  • Keep away from children
  • Lid must be tightly closed

About the Brand:

Carrying the heritage of Baidyanath and deriving its name from the three doshas of Ayurveda Kapha-Pitta-Vatta, Kapiva was born with a vision to merge ancient Ayurvedic tradition with modern-day science and technology. Kapiva's range of 200+ GMP certified products have the right herbs in the right dosage offering remedies for a variety of ailments.

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