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In India, Moringa has been used since ancient times for medicinal and wellness purposes. This herb is a natural powerhouse. The properties of moringa as a herb include various vitamins, minerals and amino acids.


Richness of Moringa for better skin: These moringa tablets are rich in antioxidant properties which helps in seeing visible changes in skin quality. The antioxidant properties of the herb may help purify your blood and flush out various toxins in your body.

Other benefits derived from Moringa: Moringa is known to be one of the most nutritious trees found on the planet. This natural powerhouse may help you fight flu; boost your immune system and may also help you reduce swelling.

Moringa’s special benefits for women: Our moringa extract capsules include special benefits for women alone. Such benefits include healthy weight loss, nourishment of the skin, healthy nails and hair and much more.

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From the house of Baidyanath, Kapiva Ayurveda is a one-stop shop for all types of Ayurvedic and Herbal products. They have a wide range of 200+ GMP certified products contain the right herbs in the right dosage, offering effective remedies for a broad spectrum of ailments. All the products have been carefully developed and tested by experts.

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Manufacture Name & Address: 204, Business Suites 9, SV Road, Santacruz West, Mumbai - 400054

Country of Origin: India

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