Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans Powder For Weight Loss Powder 200 gm

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Key Features:

  • Green Coffee Beans Powder is basically the ground form of unroasted green coffee beans grano (seeds) that are loaded with the antioxidant and pharmacologically active compound -Chlorogenic Acid.
  • It is believed that green coffee powder supports Weight management which is a long-standing goal of achieving a healthy life which includes healthy eating and physical activity to maintain a balance between intake and energy consumption.
  • Why choose Neuherbs green coffee beans? Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans Powder is the ground form of natural and fresh Arabica coffee grains that are unroasted to provide you all the health benefits of chlorogenic acid that aids in weight loss, regulating your sugar levels, improving your heart health.
  • Neuherbs is always there to provide you with the finest product without any additives and flavoring agents.
  • To help you reach your fitness goals easily we provide you with free diet consultation by our expert team.
  • Natural: Neuherbs Green Coffee Beans Powder is the ground form of natural & untreated coffee grains.
  • Promote overall health and may help weight loss/fat loss. green coffee beans powder rich in chlorogenic acid, which has been widely believed to helps in losing weight
  • Boosts Up Metabolism: Pure green coffee beans powder has ability to boost up the immunity and burn Off the excess fat Stored in the body. Chlorogenic acid is a metabolic booster.
  • Weight Loss: Green Coffee is believed to result in weight loss with a proper diet & exercise regime.
  • Better Results:To achieve your fitness goals easily, Neuherbs provides free diet consultation.


  • Unroasted Green Coffee Beans.

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