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Ordering medicine online* is the new and upcoming medicine delivery system in India. With the advent of easily available internet in India, more people have started to depend on online pharmacies to get medicines delivered to their doorstep. The ease of ordering medicines online is attracting consumers to use online medicine delivery services more often. In order to buy medicine online (Valid prescription required*), the consumers can choose from multiple options of online medicine vendors available based on their locality and availability of service.

Purchasing medicines online can be considered a boon for the consumers as it eliminates the need for patients to step out and go to the pharmacy to pick up their medicines. The promptness of medicine delivery is yet another factor that is a major advantage while ordering medicines online. There is no denying that sick patients would want their medicines delivered as soon as possible. Therefore, helping them obtain prescribed medicines on time happens to be a prime factor for online pharmacies to stay atop.

An online medical store is also known as E-Pharmacy. The concept of E-Pharmacy is fairly new in India. It is a virtual pharmacy where one can order medicines online. The medicines are usually kept at a secured location, mostly warehouses, from where the medicines are dispatched to the delivery addresses.

These stores are very reliable when it comes to the timing of delivery and quality of the medicines. It’s important to note that these pharmacies will not have a physical presence to walk in and buy medicines from. The whole process of medicine delivery is automated and the only physical interaction the customer will have is with the delivery executive at the time of delivery.

Unlike physical medical stores, online stores have to undergo much harder quality checks to provide medicine delivery services online. This pushes the service providers to go above and beyond to ensure quality.

Ordering medicines online can, therefore, be considered a viable alternative for traditional pharmacies. Services like 24-hour delivery is yet another feature that lets people choose E-Pharmacies more often. Besides all these facts, online medicine delivery thrives on its ability to provide seamless service at any point of time which puts the consumer in a comfortable position.

Ordering medicines online is a fairly easy task if you are a person who is used to ordering products online. These days medicine delivery services are available on both mobile and web-based platforms. Ease of ordering is one of the main aspects that these medicine delivery service providers focus on. If you are someone who is very new to the concept of buying medicines online, here are some simple steps you can follow in order to get your medicine delivered at the doorstep.

1. Type the address of the medicine delivery website in the address bar of your browser.
For example: www.medlife.com
Go to play store or iTunes to get the app for medicine delivery installed on your smartphone. For example: Medlife App
2.Once you land on the page, select the option to sign-up. Fill in your details and address to get medicines delivered to your doorstep. Open the app and choose the sign-up option. Fill in your details and register your profile to get medicines delivered to your doorstep. You will get an OTP to verify your identity.
3. Once you have logged in, you can start ordering medicines online. Go to the medicine ordering section and select the medicine you want to be delivered. Once you have signed up and verified, you can start ordering medicines online from your mobile. Go to the ordering section and choose the medicine you want to be delivered.
4. Medicines can only be delivered if you have a valid prescription Choose the option to upload the prescription and take a picture of the prescription sheet you have to continue ordering. After you select the medicines, you will be taken to a page from which you can order medicines. Upload a picture of the prescription.
5.The next step in ordering medicine online is to add the exact address to which you want the medicines to be delivered. Choose the option to detect your location so that the delivery executive can reach you as soon as possible. Input your exact door and street number so that the delivery executive can reach you within 24-48 hours.
6.Once the address is added you will be taken to the payment page where you can choose between different options of payment for your medicines. Select a method of payment and proceed. The next step to order medicine is to complete the payment process. Proceed to the payment page and continue by selecting your favoured mode of payment and finish the payment.
7.Once your payment is confirmed, our staff will contact you for the further processes, your medicine will reach you within 24-48 hours and our delivery executive will inform you once he/she reaches your location. You will receive emails and text messages to show the status of your online order. Once your payment confirmed our staff will contact you for further procedures. You will be informed about the progress of the order through multiple channels. The delivery executive will contact you once she/he reaches your location.

Reliability is one of the key concerns for people when they buy medicines online. The need for proper assurance about the authentic quality of the medicines ordered online before consuming them is understandable. The fact is that, unlike traditional medical stores, online stores have to undergo much stricter standards of quality to continue providing delivery services. While this may not shun away all the doubts about ordering medicines online, this sure helps.

In India, these stores are controlled and observed by the Union Health Ministry of India. Anyone who wants to sell medicines online in India has to get themselves registered under the draft rule of “Sale of Drugs Through E-Pharmacy”. Any vendor who is about to set up an online pharmacy must first apply for the Grant Of Registration from the Central Licensing Authority and fill up a form called 18AA. The ministry stresses the fact that the online pharmacies must always follow the provisions under the Information Technology Act of 2000.

These days, there are many people who depend on online medicine sales to cater to their need for buying medicines. Hence, the government and the vendors take extreme care in ensuring that the consumers receive the product in the best quality possible.

Currently, online medicine delivery is considered reliable. It’s very rare to find people complaining about the standard of medicines they purchase from online stores. It’s safe to go ahead and place medicine orders online without thinking too much about the quality of the products. Since the strict quality check from the government agencies ensure that any online vendor of medicines who is found selling fake medicines, gets their licence revoked.

There are a variety of reasons why one should opt for online delivery from E-Pharmacies rather than purchasing medicines from a physical store. Some major advantages of ordering medicines online are listed below.

1. Medicines are sold at heavily discounted prices: There are various online vendors in the market these days. This competition has forced these companies to sell medicines at a much more discounted price than their competitors.

This comes as a boon to consumers as they can avail medicines at a reduced price when compared to traditional medical stores. Most online stores sell their medicines with an additional discount. There are various offers and discounts that these sites offer which can bring down the price of the medicines compared to physical store pricing.

2. Home Delivery of Medicine: Home delivery allows the patient to rest when they are sick. It’s very uncomfortable for unwell patients to physically walk down to the medical store and purchase medicines. Most patients require a sufficient amount of rest to ensure fast recovery. E-Pharmacy eliminates this problem by getting medicines delivered on time. Most E-Pharmacies these days are capable of delivering medicines within a time frame of 24-48 hours.

For all orders, online vendors have to ensure that the prescription is valid. The delivery executives ensure that the medicine is delivered in an orderly fashion with minimal effort from the customer’s side. Most delivery executives are very concerned about the well-being of their patient and make sure that the medicines are delivered right at the customer’s doorstep without causing them any difficulty.

3. Privacy of Medical Records: Compared to the local chemist store, online stores are much more concerned about the privacy of medical records. Most E-Pharmacies today make sure that none of their consumer’s medical records or prescription are safe.

An individual can order medicines for diseases that he/she might find embarrassing to go and buy from a local chemist. In a very close society like in India, the patients who are suffering from diseases that are STD’s find it very uncomfortable to buy medicines from their local chemist.

Online drug delivery solves this issue by making sure that the order and personal details of the customer remain completely safe in their hands. The ease of ordering medicines without having to orally explain the medical condition in person is one of the major advantages of ordering medicines online.

The medical record of the patient will be stored in safe servers so that the vendors can have a complete record of the patient’s medicine intake history and find out if any abnormal type of order is made. Protection of patient information is one of the main aspects that virtual medical stores focus on making better these days

4. Increased options for generic drugs: Most traditional medical stores these days only keep medicines manufactured by recognized pharmaceutical corporates. While these medicines are good, there are many other substitutes that can treat the exact same condition sold at much cheaper rates. These medicines are also known as generic medicines. The accessibility to generic medicines is very limited in physical stores.

In most online stores, the vendors make it a point that the patients are given an option to choose between medicines manufactured by recognized pharmaceuticals and generic medicines. Most of the technical departments of these medicine delivery chains ensure that there are options available for generic medicines. They often focus on making a suggestion of generic drugs to the consumers while browsing through the drugs they want to order. Generic drugs in the physical world are only sold in certain specific stores and the patients have to take a journey to these stores to avail cheap medicines.

Online medicine delivery reduces the effort of the patient to go to these stores by making generic medicines available online.

5. Access to consolidated medical records: Most E-Pharmacies focus on keeping a consolidated record of the order history of every consumer. This makes it very easy for the consumers to find out what medicines they ordered during a specific time period without having to manually go and search for petty prescription charts. All consumers prescriptions would be uploaded to a secure server while ordering medicines online.

The benefit of this aspect of online pharmacies will only be noticed over a period of time. For patients affected with chronic illness, this provides a very easy method for future doctors to get an idea of the patient’s medicine intake history without having to contact the prior consulting doctor. The online storage of the records also makes the patient life easy as they do not have to keep hoarding huge bundles of prescription charts printed on paper.

Online medical stores are a fairly new concept in the Indian market. The overall estimate of the retail market of the medicine selling industry stands above 1000 billion rupees. This makes it very convenient for these stores to tap into a small section of that market and make sufficient profit for future expansions.

The role of the government in the development of an online store in India is also very inclusive. The government keeps implementing strict standards of quality allowing the industry to grow in an orderly fashion so that in the future there will be no room for malpractice.

These days there are many investors who are trying to tap into the huge market potential for pharma sales in India. With such a large population it’s no surprise that the amount of medicine sale in India is much higher compared to developed nations with better health care. The online players, however, try to make the standard of medicine higher and comparable to that of developed nations with better health care facilities.

It’s not very uncommon that any upcoming industry has to face a series of challenges in the initial years. Online stores are not much different in this aspect. Some major challenges faced by E-Pharmacies are listed below.

1. The lack of personal interaction:

One of the biggest challenge when it comes to the reliability of e-pharmacies is the lack of physical contact between the vendor and the consumer. This ideology is rooted in the affection harboured for the traditional system of medicine purchasing done from local medical stores. Customers often form a bond with the store manager who builds a level of trust among the consumers to make them come back to the same store.

For consumers, this trust is a very soothing aspect, as people tend to be more concerned about their health and security during the time of their sickness. Buying medicines from a medical store vendor whom the customer have known and trusted for years is a very comfortable option.

However, this kind of criticism was faced by almost all industries as they go online, other industries such as services, clothing and retail also faced the same. The only solution to this challenge is to ease into the market with time and maintain a good standard of delivery that will make people trust them more as they go ahead.

2. Reliability:

As discussed in earlier sections, reliability is one of the major concern for anyone who opts to order medicines online. This is yet another challenge faced by E-Pharmacy services in India as they seek to expand their reach. These medicine delivery industries are much more strictly inspected by government bodies compared to traditional chemists.

The medicine delivery sector is coming up with more quality checks to ensure that there are no lapses made in securing the quality of medicines stored for delivery.

3. Possible misuse of prescriptions:

Since, no physical inspection of prescription is involved, there is always a chance for people to misuse this option. Even though there are multiple security checks that are installed to eliminate such instances, there is always a chance for such attempts to be made. This issue is very real and poses a major threat to the future of the medicine delivery industry.

This is one aspect that E-Pharmacies keeps working on. It’s often tackled with the effort to trace the source of the prescriptions that seems to be fake by checking factors such as the authenticity of the doctor who prescribed these medicines.

However, the implementation of this method of verification can be time-consuming, making the delivery late for the patients. Therefore, most E-Pharmacies are coming up with creative methods to automate the verification process, by making an extensive list of trustworthy and registered doctors who are allowed to make these kinds of prescription.

Medlife International is India’s No. 1 Online Pharmacy, Trusted by over 4.5m customers. Their background of working with medicine and retail pharmacies over the years have made them one of the most trusted brands in India. Medlife is one of the few medicine delivery companies in India that also gives an option to consult a doctor online. Additional services such as Medlife Labs and Medlife Shop

Medlife’s standard of storage and delivery is very high when compared to other players in the E-Pharma industry. The need for strict checks in the standard of medicine storage is always met by Medlife. Moreover, every order placed through Medlife undergoes 36 quality checks before the delivery is made.

The need for faster delivery is very well focussed at Medlife and the company makes conscious efforts to ensure that the patient gets the medicines delivered at their doorstep within 24 - 48 hours. There are many reasons for choosing to order medicines online from Medlife. Some major advantages of ordering medicines from Medlife are given below.

Medlife gives exciting discounts to consumers who choose to order medicines with them. Getting medicines at a discounted rate is always good as the patients often end up spending a lot on hospital bills and discounts often make their overall medical expenses low.

The discounts vary according to different seasons and festivals, yet there will be at least one discount available that can help in obtaining medicines at a reduced price. Medlife aims to make medicine delivery a comfortable option for millennials as well as elderly patients by reducing the financial and physical pressure of ordering medicine.

Yet another interesting aspect which makes it a logical choice to order medicines with Medlife is the fact that they provide free home delivery. To get medicines delivered to the doorstep for free without having to spend more money is a real blessing for sick patients. Most often they end up paying much more than the actual price of the medicines to get them delivered from a physical store.

The free home delivery of medicine makes it a very reliable option for individuals who are taking care of their sick parents while staying away for work purposes. Medlife reduces this pressure by keeping an online record of their parents’ prescriptions and by making a delivery to the doorstep of their parent’s house even when the individual is present at a different city.

Also, placing an order through Medlife is very easy. Medlife also offers a quick and responsive tracking option to keep a check on the delivery status of the medicine. The easy return policy of Medlife helps you to return the medicines if the doctor changes your dosage. The pickup of medicines happens right from your doorstep.

Now that you have understood how these stores work and what are the advantages of ordering medicines online, there might be some questions that might be bothering you. In the below section we will try to answer some frequent questions asked regarding buying medicines online.

1. Is ordering medicines online safe?

Yes, most online medicine vendors these days focus a lot on the quality and standard of medicines that is delivered to you. It’s also interesting to notice that these stores have to undergo stricter checks of quality when compared to traditional chemist stores. Besides this, the government has put strict checks on these stores providing them zero room to be careless about the standard of the medicines.

2. Is doorstep delivery of medicines possible?

Yes, online medicine stores such as Medlife promise free doorstep delivery of medicines. The doorstep delivery of medicine will be done within a time frame of 24-48 hours. This makes it very easy for sick patients to avail medicines.

3. Is online medicine delivery legal?

Yes, online medicine delivery is completely legal if the corporation delivering the medicine is registered under the IT act of 2000. One cannot deliver medicines without being registered under this act which makes it completely legal.

1. What does Medlife.com do?

Medlife.com is an online medical store that specializes in delivering medicines to your doorstep. The company also aims to bring various stakeholders from the healthcare industry under a single portal making it easy for consumers to have access to different healthcare products on a single platform. Medlife also has a mobile app which makes it easier for consumers to order medicines for themselves or their loved ones from remote locations.

2. What are the benefits of ordering medicines from Medlife?

When you order medicines online from Medlife, it gives you access to various facilities such as doorstep delivery. You can also expect quality medicines which are sourced from authentic suppliers. Medlife has a range of more than 50,000 medicines which are stored under proper conditions and delivered to you in a time span of 24 to 48 hours.

3. What kind of prescription do I need to give Medlife?

You need a valid prescription which is relevantly dated from a registered medical practitioner to order medicines online on Medlife. The medicines that are scheduled under category X can only be availed from Medlife if you upload two copies of the doctor’s prescription.

In the of case category X drugs, which are drugs that can pose a threat to the developing fetus in pregnant women, Medlife rules assert that they have to retain one copy of the prescription for the purpose of future verification. All prescriptions provided to Medlife will be sent along with the order in the form of a digital copy at the time of delivery and the status will be changed to dispense.

4. Does Medlife provide services in my city?

Medlife provides services in almost all cities in India. You can check the availability of services provided by Medlife all over India.

5. How reliable are the medicines ordered from Medlife?

Medlife is an E-Pharmacy that regularly passes the standard checks put in order by the government to ensure quality. All medicines delivered by Medlife are sourced from authentic suppliers and can be consumed without having second thoughts.

6. Does Medlife promise security to my order data?

Medlife promises complete security to the medical data provided by the consumers. The security of personal data of the consumer is one of the key aspects that Medlife focuses on to improve their customer satisfaction.

7. How can I contact Medlife?

Medlife has various functional methods to address the issues of the customer. In case you have any question related to your order you can choose to contact us through any of the below-listed options:

  • Helpline number: 1860 1234 1234
  • WhatsApp Number: 8884700000
  • Write to Us

8. Are there any other rules while ordering medicines from Medlife?

Yes, there are a set of terms and conditions that are communicated through the Medlife website that governs your order. There are also certain privacy rules that you need to agree to while ordering medicines from Medlife.

9. How can I get to deliver medicines from Medlife?

You can choose either a web platform or our mobile app to place an order online. You can download our app from playstore or Apple store and continue to place an order by uploading your prescription and personal data. The order will be completed once you complete the payment, our customer care executive will contact you to lead you with the further process. You will have to give a valid prescription which will be processed and verified before the medicine gets delivered to your home.

10. Is it possible to order medicines without prescriptions?

The need for prescription depends on the type of drug which you wish to order. Generally, a prescription from a registered medical practitioner is required while ordering medicines online from Medlife. The site allows you to order medicines for up to five prescriptions at a time. Medlife will also immediately process your order if you are taking a medicine that does not require a prescription.

11. How can I track an order placed at Medlife?

You can easily track your order you placed with Medlife. You will receive regular updates from our end through various channels including SMS and email to keep you posted about the progress of your order. You can also contact customer care to get further updates about your order.

12. What to do in case of missing items in my order?

During the time of delivery itself, you will be prompted to check that all items you have ordered are present. In case you find out certain items are missing after the delivery of the order you can immediately contact the customer care or the delivery executive. They will ensure that the missing item is delivered or in case of unavailability, the money will be refunded.

13. What do I have to keep in mind when uploading my prescription?

While uploading your prescription, you need to keep in mind the following points to not get your prescription rejected.

  • Ensure that the date of the prescription is clear.
  • Make sure that the doctor’s name and registration number is included in the prescription.
  • Make sure that the patient’s details are correct and updated.
  • Ensure that the dosage and the course of medicine along with its strength are clear in the prescription.
  • The sign of the doctor has to be there.
  • Uploading prescriptions that are dated above a year will get your order rejected.
  • Old medicine bills cannot be used as an alternative for prescriptions.
  • Only upload a prescription provided by a registered doctor under the medical council of India.

14. What is the time frame of delivery of my medicines?

Your medicines ordered from Medlife will be delivered to you within a time frame of 24-48 hours. This time frame might change if your medicine is not available within the given time frame.

15. Can I choose my time for delivery?

In case you will be absent at the given location, you can always reschedule the delivery of your medicine. You can do so opting to contact us through any of our customer care portals. Our customer care executive will be happy to reschedule your order to the time of your convenience.

16. How do I pay for my order placed at Medlife?

You will be taken to the payments page once you have uploaded all information and processed your order. You will be provided with multiple platforms to make the payment for your online orders. Some usual methods through which the consumers can choose to make their payments are listed below:

  • The payment link for online payments will be given to you via SMS, upon clicking the link you can avail multiple payment methods to pay for your order. The payment methods include net banking, UPI payments, credit/debit card, mobile wallets such as mobikwik. Processing partners are razorpay and payments.
  • Payment on delivery option is also available and you can choose to pay the delivery executive at the time of delivery.

17. What will I be charged for my orders?

There is a delivery charge of 25 rupees for all orders below 200, besides this, the full amount of your order will be provided to you via SMS once the order is packed and ready for dispatch. The rate of the medicines differ according to the availability and the manufacturer className your medicines are delivered from.

18. Is it possible to cancel my order from Medlife?

Yes, you can easily cancel your order placed at Medlife. This can be done by going into the order section and selecting the “cancel order” option. You can also choose to cancel the order by calling your customer care executive from your registered mobile number.

19. Can I return the medicines if I’m not satisfied?

Medlife offers a unique 30-day return policy if you are not satisfied with your medicines. You can choose to return your medicines by raising a return request through our customer care channels. Your return request will be matched with our eligibility criteria before your return request can be confirmed. You can refer to the return eligibility criteria. Once your request is approved our delivery executive will come and collect the package from your doorstep and your refund will be initiated.

20. How long does Medlife take to refund my money?

The time of refund depends on various terms and conditions. Under normal circumstances, the return time frame will be as provided below.

  • Credit/Debit Cards: 5-7 working days
  • Credit/Debit Cards: 5-7 working days
  • Cash on delivery: 3-5 business days
  • E-wallets: 3-5 business days

In case you chose to make payment through cash on delivery, you will be asked to provide your bank details before initiating a refund.

21. How can check the coupon discounts and offers available on Medlife?

You can check valid coupon discounts and running offers from our promotional coupon codes page.

22. How does coupon codes work?

A coupon code allows you to get an additional discount on your order. The coupon code discount is applied on top of an existing discount. You can enter your coupon code in the payments page to avail the offer. Only one coupon code can be used for a single order. In certain cases, coupon codes can be used again if the order is cancelled due to unavailability.

23. What to do if I see an error while applying coupon code?

An error while applying coupon code can happen due to many reasons. It mainly happens if you have made spelling mistakes while applying the coupon code, or if the coupon has expired or used before. If there are none of these issues and you are still facing issues with your coupon code you can choose to contact our customer care for further care.

24. How can I avail my E-Cash points?

E-Cash point is a promotional offer run by Medlife to attract customers. E-cash points will be credited to your account after you have successfully completed the first order and 15 days are over after the delivery. E-cash points will not be credited if the order is returned or replaced.

25. Do all orders give E-cash points?

E-cash points are only available to certain orders places using certain coupon codes. The E-cash points also depend upon the overall value of the order you have placed.

26. How much E-cash points can I get and how long is it valid for?

E-cash points up to 5% of the order value is available on any orders. Your E-cash points are only valid for a period of 30 days.

27. Are E-Cash points bound by any other regulations?

Yes, there are various rules and regulations under which E-cash points functions. Medlife has the sole right for the execution and dispatch of E-cash points and the redemption is subject to various terms and conditions. The company has the right to retract or suspend the E-cash point offer without any prior notice to the consumer. Since it’s a promotional offer the E-cash points are under strict timelines and the status of the consumer who chooses to redeem the points.


* Buying” or “Ordering medicines online” requires a valid prescription from a certified doctor.

** Delivery of medicine subject to availability.

*** Discount and offers on select medicines only.

# Medlife reserve the rights to change, suspend, discontinue, temporarily or permanently all offers or services with respect to any and all users at any time without notice.