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A 100% Whey Peptide, semi-elemental formula for the nutritional management of gastrointestinal disorders and critically ill patients with low tolerance to whole protein feeds.

As it is seen that Patients with major chronic illnesses may not be able to achieve adequate macronutrient or micronutrient requirements through standard oral diet because of difficulties tolerating, digesting, or absorbing whole foods.

PentaSure Critipep helps to improve the inability to digest certain foods may have less to do with excess acid and more to do with enzyme function. Although antacids may provide a temporary respite, PentaSure Critipep in the long term does the help, ultimate promoting nutrient absorption.

PentaSure Critipep health benefits include preventing stomach inflammation, strengthening the immune system, increasing metabolic rate, promoting weight loss, supporting cardiovascular health, supporting liver health, preventing leaky gut syndrome, fighting joints inflammation and promoting bone health.

Incorporating PentaSure Critipep will facilitate the digestion significantly. Apart from this, PentaSure Critipep also helps your body absorb nutrients that you obtain from the food.

It has been proven that the patient populations who have difficulty digesting or absorbing standard diets are able to achieve improved health and nutritional outcomes using semi-elemental Whey peptide semi-elemental diets.

Whey peptides are powerful isolates of amino acids derived from much longer whole whey protein molecules.

These isolated whey peptides provide the following benefits:

1. Increased release of insulin-like growth factor

2. Improved overall endocrine hormone response

3. Increased nitrogen utilization and retention

4. Increased intracellular glutathione and anti-aging antioxidants

5. Improved immune function

6. Improved gastrointestinal health

7. Increased rate of muscle growth

How to Use

  1. Tear Open Your Pentasure Critipep Pack
  2. Add 2 Scoops Of Pentasure (20gms) To A Glass of Water (85ml)
  3. Mix and Drink


What is Pentasure Critipep?

PentaSure CRITIPEP is a specially formulated semi-elemental formula for the nutritional management of gastrointestinal disorders and critically ill patients. It is specially formulated for patients requiring nutritional support having a compromised absorptive capacity and thus cannot tolerate whole protein feeds. 2. What are the benefits of consuming Pentasure Critipep?

100% Whey Peptide

High in MCT (better absorption, instant energy)

Balanced Caloric Distribution (1 Kcal/ml)

Fructose Based Safe for Diabetics

Ideal for Oral & Enteral (tube) feed

Ideal for Jejunostomy

How should I consume Pentasure Critipep?

2 Scoops i.e. 20g of Pentasure Critipep in 85 ml of water. (Reconstituted drink should be properly stored, refrigerated and consumed within 24 hours.)

Why Pentasure Critipep?

Several investigators have noted improved nitrogen absorption, greater nitrogen utilization and higher branched chain amino acid levels with the use of peptide-based formulas compared with intact protein. Patients challenged with metabolic stress and injuries have a significant need for increased nutrients and energy. Features of Whey Peptides:

By far the most digestible

More absorption than intact proteins

Better nitrogen retention and utilization

Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT) goes straight to the liver without going through the lymphatic system. MCT functions as a carbohydrate, not a fat, in the body so it also increases calorie intake without increasing fat percentage

What does Pentasure Critipep contain?

Whey Protein Concentrate, Medium Chain Triglycerides (MCT), Whey Protein Hydrolysate, Minerals, Choline bi-tartrate, Vitamins etc.

About Manufacturer

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Shelf Life: 

Best before 15 months from the date of mfg.

Package Content:

400 gm


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a dry place