Prohance D Chocolate Powder 400 GM

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Prohance D Chocolate Powder is a nutritional supplement powder. It is a ready to mix formulation flavoured in Chocolate. The powder is a dietary supplement mix and provides essential proteins, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.



Prohance D Chocolate Powder is a protein supplement mix and is recommended by the doctors as a dietary supplement for carbohydrates and proteins.



Dietary supplement

Rich in carbohydrates and proteins

Rich in essential vitamins and minerals


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How to Use

Mix 2-4 scoops of Prohance Chocolate powder in lukewarm water or milk and drink or follow the dosage as recommended by your doctor


Can anyone take Prohance D Chocolate Powder?

Prohance D Vanilla Powder can be taken by individuals of any age however, the dosage of the powder may differ from person to person based on gender, age, health condition and other factors.


When should you avoid consuming Prohance D Chocolate Powder ?

Children, pregnant women, mothers who are breastfeeding should take this only under the recommendation of their doctors.


What if Prohance D Chocolate Powder are not available?

There are other substitutes with similar ingredients. Consult a doctor for the medicine that best suits you.

About Manufacturer

About the Brand:

Prohance D Chocolate Powder is manufactured and marketed by Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd

Manufacturer Address:

Sun Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd, 754, setipool, rangok block, Ranipool, Gangtok, Sikkim 73713

Customer Care

For Queries/ Feedback/Complaints, Contact our customer care Executive at: Phone:1860-1234-1234,


Net Weight:

400 gm


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a dry place
  • Use as recommended by the doctor
  • Keep away form the reach of children