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Pure Nutrition Chitomax is a supplement that blocks and burns excessive fat to promote weight loss.  It also help lower cholesterol levels in the body, along with reducing the levels of uric acid in the blood.  The supplement also helps improve digestive and intestinal health. Another important component of  Chitomax is Garcinia Cambogia extract which is a tropical fruit that helps reduce weight by suppressing  the appetite. L-carnitine also goes into making this supplement. It helps in transporting fat to the  working muscle in the body to be used as energy source and enhance fat metabolism.  

May Help Lower Cholesterol: Chitosan helps lower cholesterol in people with or without high cholesterol. Combination  product like pure nutrition chitomax that contains chitosan with garcinia seems to reduce  cholesterol levels in obese people with or without high levels.  

Blocks And Burns Fat: Pure Nutrition Chitomax is formulated using ingredients such as crab chitin fiber - restricts  fat absorption in the body, Garcinia Cambogia extract - suppresses appetite, and L-carnitine - converts stored fats into energy. All these components help Chitomax block and burn  excessive, unhealthy fats. 

Improves Digestive Health: Chitomax consists of herbs and other natural active ingredients  that aids in improving digestive health.


  • Chitosan Powder : Chitosan power is obtained from the hard outer skeleton of shellfish like crabs, oysters, lobsters shrimps, etc. It has medicinal properties and is known for its effectiveness in reducing obesity, high  cholesterol, and high blood pressure. 
  • Garcinia Cambogia Extract : It is a tropical fruit that reduces appetite which, in turn, reduces weight. 
  • L-carnitine : L-carnitine is an amino acid that converts stored fats into energy for the body to use. This process  ensures the elimination of excess fat from the body resulting in decreased weight.

How to Use

1 Capsule twice a day before meals or as suggested by your healthcare professional.

For better results consume Pure Nutrition Chitomax with exercise and diet


What is Chitomax?

Pure Nutrition’s Chitomax is a dietary supplement that blocks and burns fats, and aids in  improving digestive health. 

What does Chitomax consist of?

Chitomax consists of natural herbs and ingredients like chitosan powder, Garcinia Cambogia  extract, and L-carnitine. 

How frequently should I consume Chitomax?

1 Capsule twice a day before meals or as suggested by your healthcare professional. 

Who can consume Chitomax?

Likely users include people who want to control body fat and increase the body's lean  mass. However, for results incorporate it with exercise and proper diet  

Can I take it while I am on other medication?

Chitomax is a dietary supplement that helps support weight management goal. However, for  those who have any underlying health condition or are under medication, we recommend  consulting your doctor before you begin any supplementation course. 

Can a person with shellfish allergy have Pure Nutrition Chitomax?

Pure Nutrition chitomax contains chitosan which is taken from the outer skeleton of shellfish.  There is a concern that people with allergies to shellfish might also be allergic to chitosan.  However, people who are allergic to shellfish are allergic to the meat, not the shell. I is best  recommended to consult your doctor or nutritionist before starting this supplement. 

About Manufacturer

About Brand:

At Pure Nutrition, They collect, process, manufacture and market herbal nutritional supplements, cold pressed oils, protein powders and herbal teas. These health products are continually being developed and expanded to address various health needs.

Other Product Information:

Manufacture Name & Address: Herbs Nutriproducts Pvt.Ltd. Arcadia, 404, Jamnalal Bajaj Rd, Nariman Point, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400021 

Country of Origin: India

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  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Keep away from children
  • Store in a dry place