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Reshape Natural provides a natural & safest solution to fight obesity. Reshape natural is designed with the goal to employ a natural, safe and effective nutraceutical regimen, in combination with improved diet and exercise, to achieve a meaningful and sustainable reduction in body fat and enjoy the consequent benefits. Reshape natural works on the “novel” concept of converting the fat storing “White Adipose Tissue” into heat producing “Brown Adipose Tissue”, hence reducing the amount of stored fat in the body.


  • Natural ingredients without any side effect
  • Capsaicin plays an important role in activation of BAT (brown adipose tissue) and increase energy expenditure.
  • HCA (Garcinia Cambogia extract) acts as a natural fat burner
  • Green tea and green coffee bean extract increases fat oxidation and reduce food intake
  • Sustained weight loss

Reshape Natural

• Promotes Fat Burning

• Boosts Metabolism

• Promotes Lipolysis

• Suppresses Appetite

• Promotes thermogenesis

• Reduces Body fat



How to Use

1 Tablet twice daily before meal or with main meal for 6 months


Can this be taken with amtacid?

No. Reshape Natural cannot be taken along with antacids. Antacids make the pH of the stomach slightly alkaline causing the dissolution of capsaicin in the stomach rather than intestine. So, taking Reshape Natural along with antacid may cause gastric irritation.

Why take reshape natural if eating capsaicin can make you lose weight?

The Fact is, One ppm of capsaicin means that 1 milligram of capsaicin is present in 1 kg of red hot peppers.

Can reeshape be prescribed along with reshape natural?

Yes. Reeshape can be safely prescribed with Reshape natural because Reeshape (Orlistat) has negligible systemic absorption and does not found to have any interaction

with any herbal ingredient in Reshape natural. Also, these remedies may work in synergy for weight reduction as they have independent mechanism of action. Reeshape prevents the absorption of fat from the ingested diet allowing it to pass through the body undigested; whereas Reshape Natural induces thermogenesis by promoting browning of white fat and thus helps burning of existing fat cells.Thus, both if taken as a therapy will prevent the absorption of new fats, will prevent the accumulation of new fats and will also reduce the stored fats. Dosage must be taken as- 1 Tablet of Reshape Natural in the Morning & 1 Capsule of Reeshape at Night.

Is this safe to take during pregnancy?

Safety profile of the ingredients in Reshape natural is not studied during pregnancy and lactation; therefore it is not recommendable to give reshape natural to a lactating woman.

About Manufacturer

About the Brand:

MEYER Organics is one of the leading pharmaceutical manufacturer in India, founded in 1982. Headquartered in Mumbai, India with global presence in more than 30 countries.

Manufacturer Address:

MEYER ORGANICS PVT. LTD. A-303, Road No. 32, Wagle Estate, Thane – 400 604 (Mumbai), Maharashtra, INDIA.

Country of Origin: India

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Net Weight:

10 Tablets


  • Keep away from direct sunlight
  • Store in a dry place
  • Keep away from children