Sanfe Disposable Portable Stand And Pee Female Sanfe Disposable Portable Stand And Pee Female Urination Funnel 100 Piece

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  • It is biodegradable, menstrual friendly and gentle on the skin ensuring zero leakage.
  • It helps women to prevent contraction of UTI and also eliminate the fear of using unhygienic public washrooms
  • No more wiping of seat, no more squats, no more holding it in.
  • Ideal for use in public washrooms at schools, colleges, offices, metro stations. Airports, railways and restaurants

About Manufacturer

 REDROOM TECHNOLOGY PVT LTD primary objective of providing “ Quality life to women “, they have designed a novel, biodegradable and disposable device which provides the freedom to stand and urinate. This eliminates physical contact between unhygienic toilet seats and women body and reduces the risk of infections and lessen pain caused due to bending.

Customer Care

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Keep away from direct sunlight

Store in a dry place