Vissco Activeair Round Ring Pillow Large

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Sitting for long hours can damage your body, it can lead to hemorrhoid pain, hip bursitis, prostate inflammation, coccyx fractures or tailbone pain. This Air Round Ring Pillow helps reduce pressure point discomfort as it is specially designed to support your back and neck postures. Made from one piece, puncture-proof molded foam, this pillow is ideal for women during pregnancy as the ring shape comfortably conforms to body contours.


  • Hemorrhoid pain
  • Hip bursitis
  • Prostrate inflammation
  • Coccyx fracture
  • Coccyx /Tailbone pain or anal pain


  • Specially designed ring-shaped foam cushion relieves pressure on Sensitive areas
  • Ring shape comfortably conforms to body contours
  • Made from one-piece, puncture-proof molded foam

Benefits of Vissco Active Air Round Ring Pillow:

  • Reduces pressure point discomfort
  • Good for posture support