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The content*, suggestions, and products suggested in this post are solely for the purpose of customer education and information. These should not be considered as ultimate medical advice. Though our content is sourced from experts and validated through official sources, We urge our readers to practice caution and consult a physician through Medlife’s Doctor Consultation services or any other physician/healthcare provider/doctor of trust before following any diet plan or treatment plan or even health supplements.

From this point on, Medlife International Pvt. Ltd does not take responsibility for any harm readers or customers may suffer by choosing to bypass a physician’s opinion and employing the suggestions mentioned in our content for their healthcare. It should be noted that as a health-conscious organization we have armed the user with all the possible information needed for their empowerment as well as urged them to consult a physician before taking any further steps.

*Please note that by content we mean all images, text, blogs, articles, infographics, powerpoint presentations, ebooks, health magazines and any and every form of print or visual communication employed to provide customers with information about diseases, treatment process, alternative medicine, health supplements, nutrition, and services.

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