Jog your way to Fitness

Jog your way to Fitness Working out can be really exhausting. It was not meant for everyone. However, keeping fit is mandatory and this poses a dilemma for those who hate workouts. So, how is one supposed to stay fit then? The answer is simple, jogging. Jogging is so easy that even an eight-year-old can … Continue reading “Jog your way to Fitness”

You cannot function without enough water. This is because water comprises 60% of the weight of your body. Among the many roles, water assists in nutrients absorption and detoxification. Experts recommend drinking of water throughout the day. Water keep the body hydrated and hence one should eat fruits that are rich in water in summers. … Continue reading “10 Must Have Fruits for this Summer”

Medlife Affiliate Program

At Medlife, we are passionate about making medicines delivery hassle-free and we do this via technology that is easy to use for common man of India. Join in our endeavours to make India a digitally enabled country. Help us spread the word and earn extra while doing so, because who doesn’t love extra income!! Here … Continue reading “Medlife Affiliate Program”

The pleasures of smoking last only a few minutes, but leads to serious problems throughout life. You can eat five portions of fruit or veg a day and exercise regularly – but healthy behaviour means little if you continue to smoke. The diseases caused by smoking harm almost every organ in the body; some fatal and … Continue reading “10 Deadly Diseases Caused by Smoking”

7 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit

More than an added value on how a bowl of cereal, a smoothie or a fruit bowl looks and tastes, this little fruit has more to it than what how it appears to be. Kiwi has been with us since the 20th century, a small oval shaped power fruit that has been in the market … Continue reading “7 Health Benefits of Kiwi Fruit”

10 Tips for Your First 10K

It is projected that about 17 million people die of heart attacks and strokes every year, across the world. A heart attack is a grim health emergency whereby, the flow of blood to the heart is rapidly blocked, typically by a blood clot. Heart disease can befall one and all, irrespective of age or gender, … Continue reading “10 Celebrities who died of Heart Attack. Signs you must never ignore.”

Skin is the mirror of your body, a hale and hearty skin is the reflection of a healthy body. Summer is already here, it is the time when our skin needs more protection and this summer don’t forget to take extra care of one of the most important parts of your body, that’s your skin. … Continue reading “5 Secrets to Get Healthy Skin This Summer”

Craniofacial abnormalities

Craniofacial abnormalities (CFAs), or anomalies, are congenital structural deformities, malformations or other abnormalities of the skull (cranium) or facial bones. Most common forms of CFA appear to arise from a combination of genetic factors and environmental influences. Source: Disclaimer: The above information has been taken from WHO website. Medlife is permitted to re-share WHO content … Continue reading “Craniofacial abnormalities”

Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever is a viral haemorrhagic fever transmitted by ticks. It can be responsible for severe outbreaks in humans but it is not pathogenic for ruminants, their amplifying host. The disease was first described in the Crimea in 1944 and given the name Crimean haemorrhagic fever. In 1969 it was recognized that the pathogen … Continue reading “Crimean-Congo haemorrhagic fever (CCHF)”


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