Home Remedies of Cold and Cough

Every time the season changes, most of us become extra susceptible to being afflicted by common ailments like a mild fever or a runny nose. Cold & cough are something which are usually considered trivial & often neglected. Though not harmful in itself, these can develop into something serious if left untreated.  Check out some simple home-made remedies … Continue reading “Home Remedies of Cold and Cough”

Practicing yoga is an amazing way to improve nearly every aspect of your health. This is much more than a series of stretches – it is a form of moving meditation and a highly toning workout. It provides the perfect escape from your busy 9-5 and the ideal tonic for a lifestyle that is becoming … Continue reading “Implement These Yoga Hacks to Get the Very Most From Your Practice and Accelerate Your Results”

Constipation is a common ailment that affects most of us. The reasons behind this can be stress, incomplete sleep, irregular eating habits, etc. Though, most people feel embarrassed in talking about this, even to their doctors. This is something that ou need not be ashamed of, but get a cure for as it can lead to … Continue reading “How To Get Rid Of Constipation”

A superfood is any food item that is known to pack a particularly healthy punch. These are fruits, vegetables, meats, mushrooms… you name it. Anything that contains lots of micronutrients and that has been shown in studies to have particularly potent effects. And this can completely transform your health. Getting the right superfoods in your … Continue reading “Superfood Secrets: Foods to Improve Your Odds of a Long and Healthy Life”

As we get older, our risk of developing a wide range of different health issues increases. It’s true that our bodies are built to last us a lifetime and in theory, you should be able to reach an advanced age without struggling with any of these issues. But as modern medicine helps us to live … Continue reading “Senior Health – The Top 10 Most Common Health Issues”

Ovarian cysts are an unpleasant condition affecting women and that can have a range of unwanted side effects ranging from general tiredness, to heavy menstrual cycles and depression. In fact, the symptoms are so far reaching and wide ranging, that the condition can often go undiagnosed or be mistaken for other issues such as hypothyroidism. … Continue reading “Everything You Need to Know About Ovarian Cysts – Causes, Types and Treatments”

Well, the new year 2017 is started. People often talk about their new year resolutions although most of them don’t actually succeed in achieving the same due to their hectic schedule and busy lifestyle. However, perseverance & a few simple tips can help you stick to your goals and achieve your new year resolutions. Also read: 7 … Continue reading “How to Actually Achieve Your New Year’s Health Resolution”

2016 is almost over & the new year is about to begin. This is an ideal time to make a healthy change in one’s lifestyle & the easiest way to do so is by creating a health resolution. In our busy & hectic lives these are the easiest way to keep on track & lead … Continue reading “7 Health Resolutions For A Healthy New Year”

A little bit of stress and anxiety is normal. In fact, stress can be very good for us and it would be just as much of a problem if we were never stressed. Stress, when it is positive, is often referred to as ‘eustress‘, which is a type of stress that motivates, encourages and prevents … Continue reading “Signs You Might Have an Anxiety Disorder – How to Distinguish Between Normal and Unhealthy Anxiety”

What You Believe About Your Health May Be the Most Dangerous Thing Affecting Your Wellness Today. Where do you get your information about your health? From the doctor? From the web? From your friend who seems to be in great shape and is generally pretty knowledgeable? Google? Many of us seem to think that we … Continue reading “It’s Time to Completely Re-Think Your Fundamental Beliefs About Health”


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