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MediScene Magazine Vol 25

[Vol 25] Medi-Scene: Your Weekly Health News Update

1. Coronavirus update: Highest single-day spike with 24,879 cases and Total tally crosses 7L mark On Tuesday, 7th July, the total number of covis-19 cases in India crossed the 7-lakh mark. According to Union Health...

7 Incredible Health Benefits of Jogging

Why is jogging so important for you? Well, it’s the simplest exercise that can strengthen your bones and muscles, maintain a healthy weight, strengthen your heart and improve stamina. Jogging at 4 speed for...
Importance of Vitamin D

Importance of Vitamin D in Managing Your Immunity

Vitamin D Deficiency (VDD) is a major health problem in both the developed and developing countries across the globe. In India, despite ample sunlight (required for the synthesis of vitamin D within the body),...

Nilavembu (Chiretta): Benefits, Uses and Ingredients

Nilavembu is a herbal tonic that is made from herbs that boost immunity and support overall body health. This herbal tonic has been used in Siddha medicine since time immemorial and it is considered...
Plasma Therapy

COVID-19 Treatment: What is Plasma Therapy?

As the need for a COVID vaccine grows, most medical practitioners have recommended an old method for fighting the infectious disease. This treatment used is called plasma therapy. It is a medical process where...
MediScene Magazine Vol 24

[Vol 24] Medi-Scene: Your Weekly Health News Update

1. Coronavirus update: 19,700+ cases were added on Sunday, as total number of cases cross 6L On Sunday, India reported more than 19,700 new Covid-19 cases, which is the second highest single-day surge so far...

Highway To Health – Doctors Day

National Doctors' Day is celebrated on July 1 all across India to honour the legendary physician and the second Chief Minister of West Bengal, Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy. The celebration of the Doctors' Day...

Favipiravir: New Covid-19 Medicine and its Effects on Patients

We are at the peak of the COVID outbreak and most medical research companies are in a rush to find a vaccine. At a time like this, it is great to hear of the...
MediScene Magazine Vol 23

[Vol 23] Medi-Scene: Your Weekly Health News Update

1. Coronavirus update: Death toll crossed 14,000 on Monday, while recovery rate is almost at 60% On Monday, 22nd June, the total death toll in the country crossed 14,000 cases, but it also saw a...

Allergies? Common Cold? Flu? Or COVID-19?: Symptoms and FAQs

At a time when the deadly COVID-19 virus is at its peak, one may find difficulty differentiating from what you may be suffering from because of its symptoms that are similar to common cold...

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